Saturday, January 18, 2014

An offering. No, not a giveaway, you greedy kids!

Bringing a horse back into work is a drag. Fitness work in winter is a drag. There's a fine line of pushing for "Do Work.", but not crossing over to "Oh, shit. I just broke you." It's also an exceptionally boring line, but I somehow managed not to lose anyone over the three months I transitioned Bobby to barefoot, so I'm going to try to make you guys not abandon dear old Poor Woman Showing during this time of trotting and longeing.

Bobby has been doing a lot of this:

his tail is getting so long.

I longe him before every ride without side reins, and if I'm riding english, he also gets a spin in side reins. The other day he also got longed over some trot poles which made him very happy.

I have been trying to break up the boredom of slow work with some time on barrels. Sometimes Bobby seems to like it--sometimes it just makes him a little nutty. However, the rides are short which is something I'm aiming for with every ride at this point, and he's working on stepping underneath himself with his hind legs. Win-win.

I did get some video of the ever-impressive barrel racing Thoroughbred the other day. Alright, so maybe this particular Thoroughbred is not so impressive, especially when he's squeezed into a small indoor--something that doesn't lend itself to a dull barrel pattern--but watching his massive body gallumping around traffic cones is still fun.

His worse direction:

His better direction:

I didn't ask for a flying change between the first two barrels since he's not quite strong enough to do one in such a cramped space yet (or probably ever--that's like three strides!), and it makes him spaz, so he bumbles through, but it kept him relaxed so it doesn't bother me.

He had a solid flat school this morning and has earned a day off tomorrow. Monday conditioning day? Jumping day? One of the two.

Oh, and my offering was videos. Ha, let dooooownnnnn.


  1. I am in the same place you are - adding conditioning in winter is boooooring. Except when a long walk out on the roads turns into an icy scramble and snowstorm, and then it is way too exciting.

  2. Don't hate but its like 70's here, so I can only sympathize with what little I know of snowy cold living. Love the barrel videos!

  3. Pfft listing your conditioning rides won't chase me away I love this shit.

  4. It never occurred to me that barrel racing requires flying changes.

  5. LOL, love the barrel racing Thoroughbred. Fun to change it up!

  6. YAY!! Looks like you guys have some fun things to do come Spring. Always good to do different stuff.

  7. Go Bobby! Look out Rodeo Girls :)

  8. You'll never lose me as a reader. I find your blog endlessly entertaining.

  9. lol i love his lope through the pattern!

  10. I've been doing a lot of lunging too...good stuff!

  11. I was waiting for the sliding stop at the end!


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