Sunday, January 12, 2014

Two down, one to go

I'm making headway on my monthly goals. I've got a preliminary list of events, dressage shows, and gymkhanas written out--still waiting for a few more places to put their schedules out--and the chiro has already been out. This weekend, I jumped 2'6" both days, so that takes care of two times of the three I set as a goal.

Yesterday, there were a few verticals and an X left out from the morning lessons, so I moved two of them up to 2'6" and I left the X and the other vertical as they were. I hadn't even planned on jumping, so Bobby was in just his Micklem with no martingale, but he was very much a super star and didn't put a foot wrong. I could tell how out of shape he is though as he wasn't quite as quick with his feet on landing as he usually is.

I kept the jumping really abbreviated though, and ended the ride by torturing myself with no stirrups at the posting trot and canter.

from today, looking adorbs.

Today, I had planned on jumping so I set up two verticals--one on the quarter line, and one at an angle to be jumped off the diagonal or from the corner as a bending line to the other vertical--and an oxer also on the quarter line. I also forced Hubby to attend so you get lots of video. Yay!

A compilation of the jumps from the beginning of the ride:

A little "course":

I know we're dragging and going so slow, but it's honestly the only way I can control the mammoth in our tiny indoor. If he gets cruising any faster, he just can't make the turns. Just be aware that I'm aware, and I have every intention of continuing our work on "FORWARD" once the outdoor is available.

This is about as fast as we can go without ramming into things with legs flailing:

I was hit and miss with my leg today. Over the tiny little vertical, it stayed in place. Over the oxer, it was so-so. Over the striped vertical, it swung a bit. It's mostly me losing focus because right now I still don't have that muscle memory to keep it glued to my girth. But it is getting better, and when I really grill myself to jam it forward, it stays where it belongs. Baby steps! There is definitely an improvement:

And because I know you guys would be just gutted if I didn't have a Bobby Goes Boom story for you, I bring you this:

just keep smiling, just keep smiling...

We turned the corned and I knew right away there wasn't a distance there--any distance. Any other horse would have stopped. Bobby's decision making skills have always been questionable, and this was no different. He got within an inch of the fence, decided "Why not?" and launched his front half over and set that down. Then he brought his hind end over, but only after he was straddling the fence. Unfortunately, Hubby chose that moment to try to take a picture instead of video, so all you get is the above awkward moment in time. He is a special creature, my horse is.

One more video:

Hopefully Bobby gets to go out day. He was stuck inside last night even though it was 50* because of the absurd weather. It snowed Friday which the horses compacted down in their paddocks. Then we got a monsoon that night into yesterday which melted all the snow...except the compacted snow which got several inches of water frozen on top of it during the night. So most of the paddocks are solid ice right now. Boo weather!


  1. I love the special Bobby stories, they always make me giggle. Jetta has done a similar half jump then thought "oh hell no" and ended up straddling a novice xc jump before trying to back off of it. Glad you're making progress though!

  2. I loved watching all the videos. Everyone has those "There is no distance" moments, but I love how you smile through it!

  3. Sounds like you are having success with your goal planning...that is good to hear. Its supposed to warm up so hopefully the paddocks improve!

  4. I haz a smug look, you be torturing yourself in 2014 bwahahahaha

  5. You guys look great! I want an indoor so bad!

  6. Looking great! IDK how you jump without ground lines, my eye gets so confused!


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