Friday, January 17, 2014

Barn Blog Hop

I'm hoarding media from the past two for the weekend on the chance that I don't do anything exciting then. Okay, let's face it: I won't be doing anything exciting. In the meantime, I'm finally jumping on the blog hop bandwagon.

My barn isn't anything fancy--it's actually pretty old and kind of ugly--but it has every amenity Sir Robert and I need and the care is great.

1. View of the barn:

the bank barn was the original structure--BO has added on a lot since she bought it.
her house is in the background to the left.

the aisle when you first walk in, complete with a friendly dutch hippo greeter.
the feed room is straight back behind the gate the the left.

the courtyard where seven stalls are, and three more stalls are in the overhang. 

from the courtyard through here to the main barn

the main barn. bobby's stall is to the right where his giant head is.
the tack room is straight back behind the sliding door.

2. My horse's living space:

12'x14' stall that he's in from 7am-2pm

the uncle jimmy's hanging ball is still alive!
he ignores the giant salt block which is why it's covered in shavings.

he prefers his fancy hanging himalayan salt block.

3. View of the tackroom:

there's a school horse tack room, but all the boarders get their own locker.
i also have a tack trunk in the carriage house with my "keep at the barn, but not in my locker" excess.

4. View of where we ride:

the outdoor and round pen.
the xcountry field goes up the hill in the paddock to the left in the distance.

the indoor

5. My favorite feature:

the turnout situation at this barn is amazing. the run-ins are huge, and
there's so much pasture space things don't get muddy.
this is the front half of bobby's paddock. it continues behind the fence at the top.

Aaand I don't know how to do fancy script or whatevs, so you don't get the fancy link to everyone else on the bottom. Sorry. 


  1. The barn seems to be in a nice area.

    SInce you have an OTTB, i was wondering if you would like to be spotlighted in one of my OTTB Spotlight posts. Read about it here
    and email me your entry Thanks!

  2. Sweet - I love your barn!

    It reminds me of the barn where I first started riding. I bet it's full of great horse memories. :D

  3. Good turnout is probably the most important imo!

  4. My current barn is nothing fancy either - great care and happy horse is what is important :)

  5. Yay I'm all caught up again, have been missing my Bobby & Carly fix.
    Love your turnout situation!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. How fun! I have my horses at home and don't really have a barn LOL but I LOVE seeing everyone else's!

  7. I like the term Rustic lol. I am super jealous of the fields etc you have, and the tack lockers so your stuff doesn't walk off occasionally (albeit we have a good group that watches each others stuff pretty well).

  8. Love, love, love that courtyard. And the turnout situation is AWESOME!


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