Thursday, January 23, 2014

14 Photo Challenge

Better late than never, right? Much thanks to Sarah at Eventing in Color for this one. Check out her blog for the rules (and for adorable Hemie updates).

1. My horse's stall:
bag of carrots: located.

2. Favorite saddle pad:
a gift from my BM!

3. Barn dogs:
BO's poodle Baboo, and BM's Aussie Burton--my favorite dog on the planet.

4. Favorite area to ride:
the indoor, the outdoor, the cross country field, the trails--i love it all!

 5. Between the ears trail ride shot:

6. The bottom of my horse's foot:

7. The hay stack:
the hay stall in bobby's part of the barn.
hay is thrown down from the loft above every few days.

8. My favorite grooming thing:

9. My horse's best friend:
bobby thinks everyone is his best friend, but he spends the most time with memphis.

10. A snapshot from my commute to the barn:
showing PA's ineptitude at clearing the roads two days after it had last snowed.

11. Between the ears at a random location:

12. The cutest part of my barn:
oh my god. the cuteness. it slays me.

13. Favorite piece of tack:
my ecogold half pad, which i no longer need for my saddle.
i'm glad my saddle fits without it, but it hurts my soul not to play with it every ride.

14. Selfie with my horse:
while doing his toes. he is a helper.


  1. Fun to look at at - thanks for sharing. Love the BFF shot. :0)

  2. cuteness for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. =] Thanks for doing the challenge! 2-story barns sound really neat. "hay loft" is something out of romance novels ;)


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