Thursday, January 2, 2014

What the Hell, 2014?!

Well 2014 gave me one whole day to frolic on my horse, make pies, and enjoy the balmy thirty degrees before turning into a total raging bitch.

Hubby woke me up this morning with, "Did you turn the heat off last night? Because it's fifty four degrees downstairs." Uh, what? Apparently our oil, which was supposed to last easily until next Friday when we have a delivery scheduled, ran the fuck out. And then, when Hubby tried refilling it with emergency back up oil, the reset switch was all, "I quit."

So now it's really cold downstairs (The upstairs is heated with electric baseboard heating, thank god.) while we wait for someone to come and fix that situation.


About twenty minutes later, Hubby comes BACK to the bedroom where I'm trying to sleep in under the warmth of covers, cats, and a heated room to announce, "I need you to come look at something. I ran over Emily."

Ok, what?!!

Now, my little Pig Dog is not the smartest dog on earth.

i mean, this is her in a nutshell. 

And she is a Heeler, so heeling things comes naturally to her. She was apparently chasing the tires as Hubby was backing up and got her face bashed. To be fair to Hubby, I ran over the Kelpie the first week we moved to PA because she was also heeling my tires and I didn't see her. That resulted in a four figures vet bill by the time she was done with her two-days-a-week visits to the vet.

I swear, we are the worst parents ever.

I go outside and Pig is happily trying to wiggle out of Hubby's brother's arms with blood pouring from her nose. Immediately assuming she's bleeding somewhere internally and she's about to die on our back porch, we load her in the car and speed down the the closest vet clinic.

She merrily trots into the clinic where I tell the receptionist my dog has been hit, and she needs to see a vet. The receptionist informs me that while they are open, the vet doesn't come in until 10. It's about 8:30 at this point. However, she was super nice and called the vet, relaying the situation to her, and the vet said she was on her way.

meanwhile, dumb-dumb is like this in the waiting room,
only splattering blood all over the floor.

About thirty minutes later, Pig's nose is just trickling blood, although she keeps sneezing it everywhere, her muzzle is swollen twice its normal size, and the vet finally whisks her off for a thorough exam to make sure we haven't killed her.

Fortunately, she got off really easily. Or as easily as she could have for a dog hit by a truck. The blood from her nose was from multiple ruptured blood vessels. She loosened a top canine and got a cut in the gum above that tooth, cut up the top of her jaw, and her lower jaw was a little wigglier than was normal. However, no damage to the rest of her body, and the vet said everything on her face should heal completely within the next couple of days.

Best of all? It only cost us $54, which included a Rabies shot she was due for at the end of the month anyway. In the meantime, she's enjoying being fawned over, fed softened food, and getting to prance around the house in her blanket while we wait for the heat to come back on.

happiest dog on the planet, no matter what the situation.

So Bobby. We're supposed to get a massive dumping of snow tonight, and it's just started coming down in earnest. Anything you'd like to do to add to today's fun? I'd love to trudge out on unplowed roads for an emergency vet call.


  1. Oh no! Glad Pig's okay. And it's snowing buckets here too, which means my lesson got cancelled. COOL... not.

  2. 54ยบ sounds about right for sleepy time! I love Georgia - I think we've only turned the heat on once or twice, but never kept it on for any length of time. Also, your oil thing confuses me. There's like a propane tank thingy on the property?

    Sorry to hear that the Pig tried to make out with the tire and was rebuffed. Sounds like you both got off easy - a visit like that to any of the clinics I've worked at would easily be a hundred dollars for the rimadyl and antibiotics. And they'd push rads. Hug your vet!

  3. Holy crap! So glad she's okay, but that's a rough start to 2014.

  4. Oh my goodness Piggy! And you better some oil missy!!!! Or just drive down to us and hang out!

  5. Silver Lining, you stuck your pig but she is alive and cheap :D

  6. Aye!! Glad she's ok! $54 thats a deal haha!

    Burrrrr! We keep our house warm cause our daughter won't sleep with blankets on and she wakes up when she is cold.. come over and we will share our heat with you lol :)

  7. OMG, heelers.... Glad Pig's mostly ok and didn't cost $$$ to fix. Hope you get some heat. Your not worst parents ever. My dog and cat have developed a tag system to remind us to feed them, because my scatter brain can't make it to their bins in the laundry room without forgetting why I am there...

  8. Glad she is ok, that would've scared me. Hope you get some heat soon!

  9. So glad the cute pup is ok! Hope you have Bobby wrapped up in bubble wrap for the time being!

  10. You know, I never understood why you called her 'Pig' until I puppy sat a blue heeler recently. Man. It fits. They are all little piglets. Little dumb piglets with too much energy.
    Glad the pup is okay!

  11. What a day. Yuck. Glad poor Pig Dog will ok.

  12. Thank god your pig is alive and OK!

    FYI - the oil heat - get some coloured diesel and put it in your tank when you are low - it will keep you going until your refill time comes. Also, if the burner won't start, you can force it to start but pushing the reset/start button several times, although I wouldn't recommend doing this often.

  13. Yikes! Poor pig puppy, but at least she has a good attitude!

  14. I wish my vet was like that. I work for the animal hospital and it would still cost at least double if not more! That's great you guys got out easy. Trust me, not bad puppy parents. I had one owner who came in that was chopping wood and somehow hit his dog in the face with the hatchet... That was one hell of a vet bill.


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