Monday, January 20, 2014

Between the ears

I bring to you..........


Which you think should be exciting and interesting and yayohmygodhelmetcam, but quite frankly it's a horrible tease. It's only helmet cam footage of me jumping around the indoor. So you think you should be getting something really fabulous, but you're only getting let down.

And I was going to make an analogy for that, only my mind instantly went somewhere dirty, and I didn't think such sexual innuendos were appropriate for a horse blog. Kind of like how sometimes those horse breeding videos pop up on the sidebar of youtube, and you're like, "The fuck?! Put that penis away!"

This is going nowhere.

Here's the video:

Those were the last jumps of the ride.

I started Bobby off with just the cross rail up of the triple combination and poles for the other two jumps coming in from the opposite direction than that of the video. Holy cow, he was a maniac! As soon as he turned in, it was like a race against his imaginary friend on who could make it through the grid the fastest.

Oh p.s. BOBBY WON.

After blowing through it a few times, I made him halt between the two strides, back, and then trot the pole to the X. That did nothing for future turns. I finally just put the middle jump up to 2' and tried that. Yeah, no. Still cray cray. So I put the middle jump up to 2'6" which is as high as the holes in the standards went (Note to self: ask J to bring down the better standards from the outdoor.) thinking that the bigger height would back him off some. Yeah, no. So I put the last fence up to a 2' vertical since it was such a tight turn and I didn't want it any bigger and came in tracking right. A little better, but still rushing.

Whyyyyyy, Bobby Magee? Why must you flail? The jumps were so small that he was literally taking all of them in a canter stride instead of actually jumping them, but come on, bro! We can't jump through a 3'6" grid in our tiny indoor. You've gotta have a little respect for what's in front of you. Do I think he'll be better when the jumps can get bigger in the outdoor? Tentatively, yes. But we're working in the indoor, so behave yourself!

On a positive note, we were both quite lovely over the single vertical with the barrel. It probably had something to do with me just letting him rip around the arena. That's Bobby's style of jumping, and it suits him well. But it's not good for indoor jumping. And we're doing indoor jumping. So cooperate with indoor jumping rules, tool bag.

conserving energy for under saddle shenanigans. 

And in other news, I was showing off his bow to the girl I was riding with and he ate the peppermint wrapper. That will, uh, pass right through, right?


  1. I like the mid video head tip side to side!

    1. Oh, I was going to explain that! I cut out the sound because I have a raging death cold and no one needs to hear that, but I was talking to the girl I was riding with and telling her that sometimes I forget my helmet cam is on my head, and other times it feels like it's pulling my head over--hence the random head tilt.

  2. Oh Bobby - Peppermint wrapper?! Why do the beasties make life difficult for themselves?
    Thems the joys I guess...makes me feel like I be cray-cray though

    1. I felt bad that he ate it because I'd already fed him the mint and didn't have another one on-hand to give him as a reward for his bow. He didn't need to swallow the frigging wrapper though!

  3. Lol, I like that you keep your head up, my video would be of the distance, the jump, the distance, the jump, Holly's head, squirrel! I can't imagine getting a big lumbering Bobby around a little indoor, because no matter how big they feel on ground, they get small jumping.

  4. Bobby's jumping style sounds very familiar. Why go slow when you can go faaaaast! :)

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one thoroughly disturbed by the plethora of horse breeding videos on youtube.

  6. I'm with Chelsey... seems like no matter what I'm looking at horse-wise, there they are on the sidebar. Ok, we GET it already.

    I loved this video! Totally puts me back into indoor arena lesson mode. I haven't gotten to do this/jumped in a year and a half now and I miss it.

  7. Bobby is simply reminding you that he doesn't plan on getting time faults this season.

  8. OMG those horse breeding videos...why are they even on youtube?!?! When I am watching videos of stallions showing or stallion promotion videos I find myself unable to even look at the sidebar.


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