Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jumping Jade

Sarah and I explored some new territory on Bobby and Blackberry. We also randomly met up with BM on a back road we were on and she told us a new way to go for next weekend. Blackberry was afraid of the cows, and ducks, and barking beagles, and sticks on the ground. Bobby tripped on a rock and went from clop-clop to clop-clink, so he's getting new feet this Tuesday instead of next week. We were out for an hour and a half, ninety-five percent walking, and both boys still got sweaty from a good workout.

we have some hills that are pretty bad ass.

bobby thought the cows were interesting, but no big deal.

blackberry thought the cows were serial quarter horse killers.
No video or pictures of Jumping Jade! Sorry!! Next weekend, I swear!

She was a way more relaxed on the longe today, but I still kept her on it for awhile with lots of w/t transistions. When I got on her, she wanted to be a little silly, but I changed directions every dozen strides or so, so she had to listen to me non-stop and that really settled her down to a great rhythm. I trotted her for about twenty five minutes (My legs were crying by the time I got done with both ponies. I'm such a weakling.), then we headed for a the xrail.

She slowed a bit, but I gave her a cluck and she popped over without fuss. Once she realized that was the game we were playing, she trotted up to it, jumped over, and cantered off. You can count the number of times this horse has jumped on two hands, this was her third or fourth time in the outdoor with yesterday being a disaster, it was my first time jumping her, and she was completely unfazed and totally professional about the whole thing. We went over about a dozen times from both directions, then walked around on the buckle to cool out. If she's not gone by April, I'm totally taking her cross country schooling.

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  1. Bobby is such a stud, in a totally non-studly sort of way.


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