Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holy Weird Weather

It's raining at my house. There's three inches of snow at the barn--and still snowing like crazy. But here's where it gets weird: There were two minor accidents within a mile of the barn, but three miles down in the next town over, there was no snow to be found and I was able to do sixty the rest of the way home.

Bobby was nice and dry under his blanket, but I toweled off his neck and head. And then he inspired me in a serious way. He inspired me to show you all how incredibly intelligent he is. Prepare to be blown away.

Oh, gosh he makes me LOL. This was after he went creeping after one of the barn kitties that he likes to grope, stepped on his lead rope and couldn't figure out how to lift his head from the ground by himself.

Anyway, I stuck him on the line to try to loosen his back up before I got on him. I don't know how well it worked. He didn't seem all that different. We did about thirty minutes of lateral work at the walk to warm us up. Spirals, leg yields, serpentines, circles, spirals to leg yields, counter flexing one side and leg yielding the other, leg yielding one side and serpentines the other, yada yada. We did with ten minutes of trotting with halt-back transistions at least once around each time, then finished with a  run through of BN A. He actually did pretty well on the test. A little strong at the canter because he's not balanced yet, but actually balanced enough so that he wasn't falling flat on his face and flailing about. His halt down the middle was killer, and his free walk is starting to exist. There was a whole lot of alternating between head in the air and curling behind the bit, but every now and then he did what he was supposed to.

stop snowing! i need to be able to leave!

testing the full cheek, which is what he went in before.
no noticable difference.

my car after forty five minutes.


  1. So much snow!!

    I vote yes to the full cheek. If there was no difference, it didn't harm him and I think it's cute.

    Isn't that how we pick bits out? :-p

  2. dang your car is covered!!! Love the video :)


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