Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Damn Saddles.

Robert will still be getting his teeth done (obviously) and a visit from the chiro next month, but I think I've found the root of our problems. I rode him bareback today for about thirty minutes and he was great. Really, really great. Like, I would have been pumped if we had been in the middle of a dressage test great. I poked his back and got a teeth grinding reaction where the back of the saddle rests.

Bear with me as I make up saddle terminology. My dressage saddle had ok wither clearance. What I finally realized wass the problem is that the...gullet? is too narrow--the back half of the underside of the saddle--which is right where he's showing discomfort. The Stubben I'm using now fits him really well, but the....panels?--the part where the wool or foam is to pad his back from the concussion of my well-endowed backside--are pretty flat.

So I'm going to pull out my trusty, musty AP saddle that fits him like a dream, has hugely stuffed panels that got reflocked two years ago, and has been given two thumbs up by the massage genie. And if my butt is a little tightly squeezed in it until I can find something else that works, oh friggin' well. Maybe I'll just suck it up and buy another one in a seat size that works for me. I really want an actual jumping saddle, but it's not like we're going to be blasting around training anytime soon. An AP will work.

In other news, Bobby proved just how unsuccessful a racehorse he was yesterday by losing a race to Blackberry--Sarah's coming-twenty year old Quarter Horse. He got rolling at the end, but by that point, Fatberry could have lapped us had he chosen to. Bobby seemed quite pleased with himself regardless.

the chop job extended.
saying hello to sunny.

Saturday, I started him on half a tube of GastroGard every day for the next two weeks. I figured since I have it and I spent so much money for it, I might as well do something with it. If he starts farting rainbows on it, I'll look into ordering the infamous blue pop rocks.


  1. Oh saddle fitting is so fun right?! or the complete opposite...whatever. My Wintec is awesome because I can adjust the gullet. BUT since I'm no longer boarding my horse I only have the narrow gullet that it came with and cant just borrow one from someone at the barn. I could just go buy the complete set but I'm poor sooooo that is that. Plus since my monster has been on spring break which extended into 8 months of being a pasture pet he has outgrown his girths. Such fun.

  2. Yay saddle fitting fun! And by 'yay', I mean "my condolences". At least you know where you're at now.


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