Friday, February 10, 2012


Since I had a Bobby rant, I figured I'd better throw in a Jade rant, too.

Man, she was a bitch today! I don't know how you unfortunate mare owners (juuust kidding!) do it!

she does look pretty cute dressed in her hunter outfit.

She was ridden yesterday in a lesson. I don't know by whom so I have no idea how helpful it was to her tiny mare brain, but it should have taken the edge off if nothing else. I stuck her on the longe and she trotted around like a dream. Absolutely lovely.

So I got on her. Ensue unneccesary flipping of the shit. "Oh, you would like me to walk off from the mounting block? FUCK YOU. I'd rather fly backwards, spin around, and try to grab the bit." Um, no. I let her trot off because sometimes it's better to just let them Trot It Out and go back to work when the sillies are gone. Nope. Ensue flying sideways across the arena, stopping dead on the open side to stare at Simon (who is innocently eating and paying zero attention to what's going on inside),  and throwing an absolute pissy fit about walking over a single pole.

So I got off her. Getting the sillies out is one thing. Being an evil whore is completely another. I stuck her back on the longe for the next thirty minutes and let her Trot It Out in a big circle. After several random spaz attacks, she finally settled into a groove.

Honestly, I really didn't want to get back on her. Not that I was afraid or anything, but I was just not in the mood--seriously lacking in motivation. But I did. I knew she needed it. We went straight back into the trot on the circle we had been longing on and while starting out with a few Dumb Bitch moments, she finally got the hang of it.

She was flipping her head while we walked out, but I was so beyond caring at that point I didn't do anything about it. I believe the root of the problem was she heard horses start neighing for their grain, and then they were being brought in and new horses going out and yadda yadda. She's brave as balls, but she is so lacking in focus. She wasn't bothered in the slightest by the tractor being unloaded and parked outside the arena, and yesterday, we turned the corner of the barn riding back from the arena and there were ten deer in the yard a stone's throw away. All she did was halt and look at them, then kept walking. "Oh? Millions of deer leaping into the woods right in front of my face? No big. Horse grazing allll the way across the pasture? ZOMG! WOW! LOOK! AMAZING! I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE!"

Bobby's pasture was happy to see me. I guess?
Poor Memphis, the last horse down, is recovering from a
suspensorary issue. I cringed as he came galloping down.

In brief Bobby news, I had a good ride on him today. Nothing spectacular, but he started off not great and ended pretty darn nicely. I'll take a ride like that any day of the week.

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