Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good, but not great.

In case you guys live under a rock that doesn't have wifi (as if such a thing exists), this makes me LOL so hard. For those who haven't stumbled across it yet, you're welcome. For those who have, you're also welcome.

babez! picasso and lily.
Robert got his feet done first thing yesterday. Some of Levi the Farrier's remarks:
  • "Wow. That came off easily."
  • "These are some awfully impressive ears, Bob."
  • "Isn't your mom lucky she has you for your whole life, Bob? lololol."
  • "He's got a really shiny coat for February." (My currying arm thanked him.)
Oh, Robert. His intelligence may have been poked fun at a few times as well. He got tossed back out while I got Jade ready.

trying out hunter digs. i think we'll stick to this combo.
She warmed up pretty well, if still distracted by horses outside. I looked up some of her racing charts. No surprise she raced in blinkers. Maybe I should borrow a pair... Then we moved on to jumping. And I did a little self-filming so you won't be waiting in anticipation until the weekend. Yay! Poor quality video!

Disclaimer: This is...seventh? eighth? time she's jumped in her whole life. She has never jumped the picket fence before. This is my second time jumping her. She is green as grass, and therefore we are looking at potential here, folks. Personally, I think she's still quite fancy, if also incredibly crooked. Next ride, I'll be using an aresenal of poles to help a sister out.

After her first time over the picket fence, she had a bit of a wench moment where she was snatching the bit and throwing her inside shoulder to the ground. We took a brief hiatus to work through that, then got back to work. She did the next time over really nicely, then had another temper tantrum that I didn't want to rise to meet so we walked it out and finished on a very squiggly note--but she went over so I didn't want to press the issue and make jumping not fun.

cutest naked donkey ever.
I had my hopes set on a kick ass dressage school with Bobby, but my expectations fell flat. He's really easy to tell the difference when he's hollowing out his back and sticking his head in the air and when he's just sticking his head in the air for the fun of it. He alternated between both today, depending on how much of a dick he was feeling like. I was getting really....not frustrated, but just really let down about the whole thing when Sue brought her baby (coming 4yo) in to longe.

We stayed on the far side of the arena behind the jumps and I put him on a circle at the walk. I kept a pretty loose rein, but I was still working with him. Very, very slowly, he started to stretch out, and then stretch down, and then relax, and then give me his best stretchy free walk ever. It only took twenty minutes after thirty minutes of warm up work to get.

I'm going to have to really figure this horse out before the season starts so I can warm him up on the right note. Straight into trot work for awhile and then start real warm up? Find a quiet spot to walk for twenty minutes before heading over to the warm up ring? No warm up ring at all?

As frustrating and disappointing as some of these rides are, I'm actually getting really excited! Only two more months until our first schooling!


  1. Ahhhhh, she's so cute and wiggly! I like how she took you to the picket fence on the second approach.

  2. It sounds like he just may not be balanced enough yet to carry himself in a lower headset, over his back. It can take a few months of just working on straightness on a circle at all three gaits for them to develop the balance. It may take some time but those things usually do. Better to do it right now then try and fix things later.

  3. But I'm not asking for a low headset--all I'm asking is that his head isn't pointed vertically in the air. I don't care if his neck and head are strung out in front of him instead of in some pretty "frame". I'm just seriously done with the whole Head-In-Face routine.


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