Sunday, February 19, 2012


Friday, Robert was quite lovely. He started off not so lovely, but by the time we finished, he was aware that he had a hind end and was bringing it along to work with him. I think all that lateral work the day before helped out big time. I was actually grinning like a fool when we got done. Somewhere in there, there is a fancy pants!

"oh, hey. what's happening?"

Saturday morning, I popped off to the barn really quick to clip him. He fell asleep in the cross ties with his cooler draped over his back and bum as I did a fifteen minute bib clip before throwing him back out. Hubby and I went up to NY to see his parents. Always a .... different ... experience.

Hubby took a bunch of videos of our riding today. I stuck the draw reins on him because I was tired and not in the mood for a fight and wanted a quick ride and my shoulder hurt. (PS, turns out I have nerve damage to my left shoulder. Sometimes it hurts really badly, sometimes it goes completely numb.)  I have no problem if you want to frown down upon me for this. I frown down, too. It was a cop out and he didn't go great.

I'm glad I got to see these though. He definitely needed more energy. He also definitely had no interest in using his rumpus, more than likely because he was in the draw reins. Oh, well. Just one more day of blah to cross off before we have never-ending days of awesomeness.

And no, he is not lame. You may note the hitchy-ness behind. Those are his stifles. When I first got him, he almost looked like he had mild stringhalt. He has gotten sooo much better. 

Tomorrow is a hack day with Sarah and Fatberry.

Also, here are pics of my dressage saddle up for sale. Synthetic, 17", medium tree. If anyone's interested, or knows someone, email me at

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