Sunday, February 26, 2012


I had a good ride on Bobby today after him having the day off yesterday. Hubby and I spent fifteen minutes trying to get my new half chaps on. I hate zippers. Just saying. But they're lovely and rode well. Plus, they were a closeout, so I got a brand new pair of leather Ariat half chaps for $30 flat. Heck yes!

Robert warmed up uneventfully. The above pics are how he's been going in my old AP saddle, sometimes better, somtimes worse. I'm okay with it for now.

I set up three ground poles one stride apart each. We trotted over each way several times, then trotted over the pipe a few times each way.

He got a little exuberant over the pipe jump, but I checked him pretty hard and the next time over he trotted over calmly.

Next, we cantered both ways. It was actually kind of fun to figure out what canter worked best to get him to go over each pole evenly without breaking into a trot or launching over. His tiny brain was working overtime, but I think he actually enjoyed himself, too. Plus, you can see how far his canter's come just on the fact that he can canter at all. He was pretty good about getting his leads each time if he messed up during the line, but if he missed them, he was good about doing a simple change in the corner.

Over the pipe, he was still too "jumpy" for my liking, but after a few tries, we did get it sorted out and he went over nicely. Coming from the right towards the pipe with the tiny vertical above it was where he had his melt down, so I really wanted to make a point that he can canter over it just as easily as the poles.

First time over from the right:

Equally good to the left, though he had an equal amount of errors in his trials, too.

I didn't like the way he went over the pipe the first time to the left, so I stopped him at the fence, backed him a few steps and tried again. Next time over (which of course Hubby didn't get the good times over the pipe on video!), he did it spot on. Yay for learning! Small win!

damn those chaps look hot.
...oh, and calm cantering over the demon jump!

see how uphill he is? lol!
So yay for poles! I think we're on the right track for now.

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