Wednesday, February 1, 2012


sunrise yesterday.
As I'm sure it was most everywhere, yesterday's weather was awesome. High fifties, sunny, no freezing wind. I rode in a t-shirt. On the last day of January. Hellz to the yeah.

I took him up to the outdoor and stuck him on the longe for a few minutes since he was making very angry faces at me as I was getting him ready (I would have been mad at me, too, if I'd been left in!), but he seemed happy to be out and in someplace new and just doped along. We had a so-so warm up with lots of looking around on Bobby's part. It was only his second time up there, and it went much better than the last time, so I didn't fuss with him much.

The main goal was to let him canter in a big area. This did not work out in my favor. I've always prided myself in being a good sitting trott-er--really the only thing I've never had to struggle with--but I cannot ride this friggin' horse's canter. It's too big! My legs go swinging around in cirlces, I lose my stirrups, I'm launched thirty feet out of the saddle, and I can't stop my body from flying in all directions. He was happy to be able to stretch his legs and I'm sure it made him look fancy, but Holy Jesus, I was a hot mess. I finally got semi sorted out by shortening my stirrups a bit, getting into a light seat, and waging battle on my lower leg to keep it in place.

I'm sure it would have been easier if he was going slower, but I didn't want to choke him back. Also, I'm sure he wasn't going that fast anyway. I guess it's just got to be terrible for it to get even kind of good? I can't imagine it getting any worse at this point! I'm going to try to coerce Hubby out this weekend to get video so we can all laugh and cry together. I would never want to hold back my humiliations from you!

I did the dirty deed with Jade today. I put draw reins on her. It was like sticking a big pacificer in her mouth. She was totally content with them on, did some fabuloso bending circles, was consistent and relaxed over the cavaletti, was happier to move forward instead of getting sticky and behind my leg, and just a generally nice horse to ride for the first time. She was clearly galloped in draw reins at some point in her life, and probably for quite some time.

We walked up to the outdoor after our ride to grab my longe line. She marched right up there, took a tour of the arena, let me grab the line off the fence without even looking at it, then decided my fat ass was not getting carried back down the hill. Probably a smart choice. Reins and draw reins in one hand and a tangled longe line in the other was not exactly setting us up for success her first time down a big hill with a rider on her back.

BO complimented me on her banged tail done correctly (I can't stand scraggly tails), aaand....she said if I got her sold, I'd get commission. So someone buy her. Pronto. She's actually starting to become semi pleasant.


  1. I gave you an award.. see my blog to see it :)

  2. Jade might be of interest to a friend of mine. Do you have her sale info somewhere?

  3. With a rough canter like that, sometimes it helps to just ride it in two point. That lets the horse lift his back and use it without completely tossing you out of the tack.

    I'm not saying that because I think you're a bad rider or something--it's what my trainer did for several weeks with one of hers with a god-awful canter. They come around eventually. No sense murdering your thighs in the mean time.


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