Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go Patriots!

Just wanted to get my allegiance out there before tomorrow. I hate the Giants. I really wanted the 49ers to get in.

The plan today was to make a sales video for Jade, but that never happened. I took her up and stuck her on the longe. She flipped shit. The two horses that get turned out in the paddock next to the arena were being nosy bastards and bucking and running around for her. She had zero focus until Hubby chased them away and locked off that part of the paddock. She finally settled down enough for me to feel comfortable taking her off the line. I started off with no draw reins, but she was still way too concerned with Tyler and Simon to listen to me about anything.

I put the draw reins on and tried again. Better, but still all wound up. I ended up just sticking her on the longe for awhile longer and doing lots of transitions until she was calm and paying attention to me. I stopped there and put her away for tomorrow. BM upped her grain because she thought she was too skinny. I heartily disagree. Yeah, she's a little awkward looking right now, but she's last raced in November and came off the track mid-December. She's going through that stage. She needs to drop the racehorse muscle and build up the riding horse muscles. It's not a pretty phase, but extra grain is not going to help. It's certainly not helping her brain. I told BM to drop it back down, so we'll see what I have to work with mid-week.

Bobby had a more intense jump school today, since Thursday was more of a "pop over a few things a few times" sort of day. He was also wound up and was pulling my arms out as we started jumping. The weather did get a little colder today--down the low forties from the mid-fifties. It's crazy that it's February and my horse is wearing his sheet instead of a heavy blanket.

wow, carly. good equitation! coughcough
We did the xrail and a vertical with the scary pipe under it several times a piece with zero issues (besides several Red-like efforts over the jumps).

uhh....bobby really likes to use his neck over fences.

look at those cute knees!

Then we did the single barrel. The first two times, he said "No, thank you". It's hard keeping a naturally crooked and bordering stupid horse straight just trotting along. Add a skinny fence in, and it gets downright tricky. But after only two run-outs, I got him straight and forward at the same time and he popped right over twice.

oh, you're actually going to go over?? ok!

Then we went work on the coop. This time, I was gung-ho to get over it and was keeping him straight at it, I wasn't strangling him, and I was saying gogogo with my legs. I even added a smack with my crop! But Bobby was not down. He finally did a donkey launch and got over after five or six refusals.

He got lots of praise, then we tried again. Same thing. He started getting really worked up about it, so I gave him a break to walk around and reset his brain, then I let him check out the coop again.

I finally got him over it again, then he had a couple more minor nervous runouts, including a "Ok, I'll jump it! No, I can't!" moment.

Clearly, he doesn't have any physical issues going over it. It's only 2'6 and he's a big horse. But it got into his little brain that this coop meant death. I was able to finish off on a super note when he went over the calmest yet, then I brought his right back around to, kept him going forward but talking to him and keeping a really light rein, and he went over with no fuss. Good pony!


  1. Great job with encouragement! That barrel jump must have felt quite vertical, what a leaper u have :)

  2. I was going to comment on how well Bobby uses himself. Hey, if he doesn't want to event, you can always make a hunter out of him. ;)


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