Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another amazing revelation.

Or, "Incorporating leg yields into flat work improves your dressage work one-hundred percent. Duh."

The barn was a mad house today. I'm assuming they were all riding in a lesson, or else they're all crazy, but there were five riders in the indoor--the small dressage arena sized indoor. I can't imagine. Myself, I took my little Red Pony up to the big outdoor where I rode by myself in the sunshine. Fabulous.

I kept my stirrups at jumping length, even though I wasn't jumping, just to see if I could get a good dressage ride out of it. Warm-up was good. Nothing outstanding, but certianly no stand out problems. I did get a full flying change to the right for the first time in forever, and he picked up his right lead off a spiraling circle both times.

After we were all warmed up, I decided on a whim to revisit the leg yield. Red leg yields quite nicely to the left at the walk, and relatively well at the trot. To the right he gets stuck and prefers to throw a temper tantrum. We went to the left at the walk a few times successfully, then switched to the right. Several unsuccessful attempts later, I switched tactics. Instead of trying to go down the quarter line, I went down the center line and gave him a good poke with my spur every other stride aaand...with every tap he gave me one step over. Once more down the centerline with the same result, and the next time a real leg yield took place. Like, a really nice not over-bent or crooked mess leg yield. So I tried it on the quarter line. And he did it there too!

At this point, you could see his little Red wheels turning and with each leg yield, his front end came up, up, up and his poked out nose came in, in, in without me doing anything but basic lateral work. Tah dah!

Hush. I know the rest of you are like, "Helloooo. Have you only been riding for the past month?!" I don't know what it is. For some reason, it's like my little brain has just now flipped the on switch and the big, scary world of dressage is starting to make sense.

Since he was doing so amazingly fabulous, and I could see this nice curve to his neck without him being so grossly overbent that he looked like he was being strangled, I asked for the trot. There were two cones in the middle of the ring, so I asked him to leg yield over so he ended up going between them. To the left, he did it spot on. To the right, it took two times before he got it, but that was spot on too. And I could see from his shadow that he looked so friggin' amazing.

Hubby will be out tomorrow, so I'll make sure I get some pictures of this new fancy Red. Who knows--maybe by next year we'll actually be competitive in dressage!

must. find. something. to. lick.

"i am not retarded!"

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  1. Yay! Hey, it's always something. Izzy and I have to relearn forward every 6 months or so.

    Can't wait for pics!


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