Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lazy post

I'm not much in a writing mood today so this will be picture heavy. Darn, right?

Wednesday, waiting to be brought in for dinner.
tb/mule x already not looking so chunky.
Bobby was super yesterday. Lots of trotting with lots of changes of direction. Nothing too crazy or exciting, but there were two girls riding bareback in the arena with us and it was constant work to avoid them as they talked across to the arena to each other and paid minimum attention to where they were going. The one girl--who's about 13 and annoying, constantly talking, completely oblivious to everyone else around her, and is also a general pain in the ass--covets every horse that comes into the barn and has already made (and loudly voiced) serious googly eyes over Bobby, was like, "Does he jump, too?" To which I said, "Oh, yeah. He events." Drool, minion. Drool. You don't need to know he currently events at the lowest of the low levels. I'm a gem when I'm PMSing.

We meandered down the trail a bit for a cool out with zero fuss from Bobby.

trail blazer.
Today was absolutely freezing. It was 19 degrees out when I got to the barn at noon and of course Bobby was alllll the way at the back of the field.

see that teeny, tiny blue dot? that's bobby.
and i'd already walked half the field at this point!
"what? you just walked a mile. you can walk a little farther."

at the head of the pack for the first time in his life.

I was SO COLD starting our ride that my legs hurt and I couldn't feel my fingers. Consequently, we started off on a bit of a disconnect and I let him dope along on the buckle over some ground poles for awhile until I'd beaten some feeling back into my legs and started trotting. We were all over the place until three different girls came into the lounge area to eat their lunch and "observe". (It's Christmas break. The barn is filled with children and teenagers. I may go into isolation soon. Kids and I don't mesh.) Bobby was pumped. His thinking was, "Look! The people came to watch me because they think I'm the fanciest pony in the whole world. I have to prove them right." And proceeded to start going like I'd been working him effectively for twenty minutes. Whatever. If he wants to show off, that's fine with me.

look how hard we're working!

We did lots of trot-halt-back-trot transition in both ways and a million circles before calling it quits and hacking back out to the hills for about twenty minutes.


  1. Hey, at least he shows off in a good way. Better that than the whole "someone's looking. see how high I can leap" that I sometimes go through. ;-)

    I'm jealous of your ability to solo trail ride.


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