Thursday, December 1, 2011

All clear.

Red's temperature was down to 100.3 when I went to check on him yesterday afternoon. He had left a little more than a handful of grain of his dinner, but I gave him another quarter scoop with a scoop of probiotics in it since his poop was super loose (might have had something to do with the bucket and a half of water he drank in three hours--he loves electrolytes) and he licked his tub clean.

This morning, his temperature was at 98.6 and he was standing at the door of his stall when I got there like, "Let me out to go pick on everyone! I feel fine!" So he got tossed outside and he trotted up the hill to go bully his "friends" away from the hay. Red loves sharing.

BM said that the paint baby that came in two months ago keeps randomly spiking a high fever, then getting over it the next day. He's stalled directly across from Red, so now I'm wondering if he's not spreading germs around. Ew, germs! He was quarantined for a month when he came in because he was a little sick. Hmm.

I was ready to curl up and die from cramps and Jillian Michaels-induced soreness this morning, so Red and I both get the day off, but pain and torture/real riding will resume tomorrow.

my dingos stalking squirrels with bm's aussie.

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