Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well...an update.

After yesterday's positive update, BO called at 8:30 and said Red was down and rolling and biting his sides again. I called the vet on my way out, and she beat me up by just a few minutes. He seemed so-so when we got there. He was standing with his head down in the corner, but he wasn't in extreme pain.

The vet gave listened to his guts as Hubby took his temp (99.4--phew!) and declared a mild spasmodic colic. She thought his guts sounded "wet" like he was about to have crazy diarrhea. This instantly made me think of the Potomac suggestion (Thank you!) and I asked her about it. He has not been vaccinated for it because I didn't realize it was a big deal down here, but the vet said in the past two years it's become an epidemic and they actually ran out of the vaccine last year. Needless to say, he will be getting vaccinated for it ASAP. However, the vet was very confident that what we're dealing with is not Potomac--she said he would be dead by now without the vaccine.

She gave him a dose of Buscopan to still his guts to see if that would stop the spasms. It only works for thirty minutes, so if he was feeling better by the time it wore off, she thought we would be doing well. She also gave him another rectal excpecting diarrhea. His poop was totally, completely normal.

His abdomen relaxed after the Buscopan and he started nibbling his hay before it wore off completely, so we gave him 10cc of Banamine and half a tube of electrolytes just as a precaution to get him through the night, but she felt confident leaving him the way he was.

We talked extensively about the Potomac, the Anaplasmosis, and the colics. The Potomac I already covered. He'll be put on 30 days of doxy in a week if he gets through the stupid colicing. Her guesses for the colics:

1) An impaction or twist really high up in his instestines. He's been pooping normally because he's got 70' of intestines to empty out before it hits the blockage and we notice it.

2) A GI infection.

3) Someone help me out with this one. I know what she was talking about, but can't remember the exact name. In older horses (Red is on 11 so this was a big long shot), there's a fatty piece that hangs down in front of the small (?) intestine and it swings when the horse moves. It can swing right over and cut off the circulation, causing a block.

As of right now, we're still not totally sure what it is. This morning, he got the other half a tube of electrolytes, his temp was normal (99.7), and he was really pissed that we dragged him in to shove more things down his throat and stick the thermometer back in him. When we let him back out, he trotted back up the hill like, "Screw you guys! I just want to eat my hay!"

Hopefully we don't get another emergency nighttime colic because this is getting way too expensive really fast.


  1. Ugh. :-( Not the news I was hoping for. Best wishes to all of you.

  2. Hang in there.

    Our horse was vaccinated and still got the potomic. Happy to hear that's not the case.



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