Friday, December 30, 2011

What a boring week.

I don't know about everyone else, but this week as been a bit of a blah week for me. I haven't felt motivated to do much of anything but play Zelda on the Wii my mom got me for Christmas. Uhh...did I just admit that? Moving on.

Today was much warmer (In fact, I'm sitting in my house with a tank top on right now. So much for that raging blizzard we got last night.) so I didn't have the excuse of being too cold to do anything. I just didn't really feel like doing much. Bobby got a boring w/t warm up for about fifteen minutes before I asked him to halt to try to think of some sort of game plan. There were two fences set up in the arena--a small vertical and the picket fence/gate thing that's about 2', maybe 2'3. I made the vertical a crossrail and added a pole in front of it.

Bobby went over it like a dream. Picked up the canter over the pole, cantered over the xrail without a blink, landed on the right lead and cantered off. You silly mule, you do have a brain in there! We went over it once more from the trot, then once from the canter. Feeling quite pleased with ourselves, I decided to attempt the scary gate. Bobby seemed surprised to see it in his way, like he thought we were just turning down the long side to go to the xrail again. He half-ass ranout on it, but when I circled him around to it, he jumped right over it like it was no big deal and cantered off.

That was plenty for me. We cooled off in the arena then got untacked and groomed just in time for dinner.

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