Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snap, Crackle, Pop.

Bobby wanted to play the "Can't Catch Me!" game in his 15 acre paddock today. He would let me get within arm reach before sidling over a few steps and nibbling the nonexistent grass while watching me out of the corner of his eye. "LOL, look at the silly human. I am so clever." I quickly got tired of this game and offered half his carrot to Memphis who happily took it. Bobby figured out my game right away and speed-walked over to offer his apologies and get his own treat.

I groomed him quickly (I love blanketed horses!) then worked on his neck for a solid ten minutes, perservering despite my shoulder's sobs of protest. Then Jackie came in with her pony and Bobby lost all focus on how good my efforts felt so I called it quits for the time being and moved on to carrot stretches. As he reached around to stretch to his left side, there were two big POPS and he gave himself a full body shake before taking his carrot as if to say, "Whoo! That's the ticket!"

cheater. that's not how it's done!

I let him warm up on the long and low as long as he was going forward. I had enough contact so he knew I was there as he still has the sillies for the first five minutes, but he could stretch out as far as he wanted. He went beautifully! Instead of taking advantage and sticking his head straight up or dragging his nose on the ground (another favorite Bobby trick when he gets tired) he came right in to his lovely natural "frame"--not framed up by me, but how he stands naturally, which is very uphill and...in? I don't know if that's the right word. But he looked quite fancy for a big greenie with almost zero effort from me.

More leg yields, circles, changes of direction, and serpentines at the walk and trot. We stopped to chat with BO for a minute as she was on her way out, then started trotting again. I was so pleased with his trot work, I didn't even ask for a canter and quit early. Instead, we mosied up to the outdoor where Jackie was driving her pony.

Bobby was giving her a looong look as they got themselves sorted out, then Pepper spooked at who knows what and bolted for the open gate--right where Bobby and I were standing. Bobby instantly said, "Oh, helllllll no!" and spun around to make for the hills where the Chariot of Death couldn't reach him, but his spooking is about as dumb as he is and he got about three steps further than where he was when he started before I got him stopped again. I jumped off and we watched from the safety of the other side of the now closed gate for a few minutes longer.

He didn't seem as interested with me massaging the injury spot, so I dug in with curry until I found a more satisfactory area. I got some chewing up by his withers on both sides so I stayed there for awhile, then gave him some scratches on his poll. I honestly don't remember what that's supposed to work on, but he dropped his head and was wiggling his lips so I guess he liked it. More carrot stretches, then I grabbed his tongue and let him do a facial release. He adores this one. He hangs his mouth wide open and works his jaw around while you hold his tongue out of the way until he gets the result he wants and takes it back.

Back out to the paddock where once more he hung out by the gate in a state of confusion. You'll get it one day, Robert.

big mule nose.


  1. Aw. His face is so lovable when it's clean. :-)

  2. So cute!

    Can you elaborate on the massaging you do? I am interested.. thanks!

  3. @The Fullers, there is a book William Fox Pitt helped write that has massage methods, I have it and it's great. It's called maintaining the sound horse...or something like that!

  4. Awesome I will check it out- thanks! :) I had the Chiropractor out today but wanted to learn some things that I can do to help Henry day to day :)


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