Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wait, what?

The stupid horses were standing in the pouring rain in the middle of the field instead of under their huge run-in, so grooming was a mess. Horses look so clean when they're wet, then they start to dry and it doesn't even look like you ran a brush over them.

So I put Bobby on the crossties and go to hang his leadrope up on his stall and see a bill tucked into his stall tag....a $70 farrier bill for a new set of front shoes from yesterday. Uh, what? I didn't authorize anyone to have his feet done, and he wasn't due for a reset until early to mid-January. In fact, I haven't said anything to anyone about his feet at all. So how did this happen? No clue. No BO or BM around, and the number on the bill is mysteriously out of service. Hopefully I'll find the answer tomorrow because I can tell you I really do no want to pay this.

It's no fun currying a soaking wet horse, so I ditched his pre-ride massage and double the stretches. Olivia, who owns Kidd and is a big dressage fan, tacked up Spyder and we headed down to the safety on the indoor.

olivia and kidd.
Bobby was sillier than usual warming up, trying to prove that he was the fastest racehorse in the arena, though Spyder didn't even seem to notice he was in there. We ended up doing lots of trot-halt-trot transistions to focus his wandering brain cell and after ten minutes or so, he finally settled into his work and was going really well. Olivia even said he made a really cute dressage horse, which is high praise indeed. She was getting Spyder around sooo long as she was sitting the trot. As soon as she started posting, he fell to pieces. I don't pity her abs at all!

To the right, I did two full laps around the arena at canter from the walk, came back to the trot and got balanced, then did two laps from the trot. I let him stretch out before jumping off and sticking a side rein on his left side just tight enough to wiggle the bit. He did six loops on the longe before we called it quits.

comparing dirty faces with kidd. i swear i groomed him!
He had dried out enough that I was able to get down and literally dirty with the curry to make up for not being able to massage before our ride. Fortunately, I had gotten there a little later than usual and was able to stick him in his stall to wait for a half and hour or so for the BM to come and feed. No standing by the gate screaming today!

I think Hubby is going to take half a day off tomorrow so maybe I can coerce him into coming to the barn to get some Bobby video.

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