Monday, February 7, 2011

Wish list

I've compiled a wish list (wishful thinking, I know) of the things that I'm going to need to do any sort of showing this year.

* Show coat: My old coat is a size 12. *gasp!* To think my chest used to be that small. It was a small coat to start with, but I've gained some weight and unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess. The weight could go to worse places.) whenever I gain weight, it goes right to my boobs. So I need to move up, because I consider being able to button my coat and moving my shoulders to be two important factors.

*Another set of standing wraps: Probably not a neccessity, but I'd like to have a pair for both accident-prone Red and hopefully-world-traveler Bobby.

*Another bridle: I bought a cheap-o saddle set off of ebay for $200 and while I adore the saddle and fittings, the bridle is the cheapest thing I have ever seen in my life and it rubs right against Red's knobby eye socket, and the leather is so big and stiff you can hardly buckle anything.

*Galloping boots: For sure for x-country, I have a pair of frayed and chewed on (thanks, Red) boots, but they retain water like crazy, and are honestly an embarrassment to take into public.

* Running martingale: For Bobby.

* Side reins: Also probably not necessary, but I think they'd be a great help for my giraffe necked Bobby to learn to stretch and bend.

*Gloves: I lost my gloves several years ago and have never gotten around to buying new ones.

I can pretty much guarantee you that all of this will come from ebay, or craigslist, or any other usde tack site I can find. The coat and bridle are probably the two biggest things I want. Fortunately, I alread have the expensive stuff: vest, helmets, tall boots, saddle.

                                           Red's cheap, crappy bridle.

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