Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 11

Another be-yutiful day outside! Unfortunately, all the snow melt is finally starting to take its toll on the ground. I fed the boys their hay and gave Bobby his grain while I went out to set up jumps in the arena. I figured since most of the snow was cleared out and melted, I could get a good jump school in for both the boys. Nope.

First, I had to rearrange the standards and poles about a million times. I mean, this was worse than my mount-dismount video taping session with Bobby. The problem was that half the holes in the standards for the jump pins don't go all the way through. So I was trying to figure out how I wanted to set up the jumps and trying to match standard with standard on whose holes were even so the jump wasn't crooked. I really wanted to set up barrels under one for Red, but I couldn't get the jump cups to go up high enough to get a pole over them. I finally ended up with a small vertical and a good sized cross-rail with cones in front of it. I also reset the trot poles since they'd been buried in the snow for so long.

Took Red out, and did a little w/t, but the ground was DISGUISTING. Jumping definitely out of the question. I took him out to the field, hoping I could maybe get in some canter sets (I opened both gates off his back. He's such a good beast.), but the field was almost as bad as the arena. I took him around the paddock, using my crop several times when he decided first that the discolored snow was too scary to walk over, and second that there was obviously a monster hiding in that pine tree. Oh, Red. This is why you'll never be an eventer, pro jumper/ dressage horse that you are. He's a champion in the arena, but out on the trail by himself, he's just too worried about everything.

Took Bobby out to the arena, and just as I got on, who should pull in but Rude Woman. SURPRISE!! Fortunately, she deemed the paddocks too wet to turn her precious babies out in and I was able to do some walk work with Bobby. Considered taking him on a trail ride--excuse me, a hack: I have to speak in eventing lingo now--but since everything was so wet, I didn't want him slip-sliding on unfamiliar ground.

Put both the beasties out to roll in the mud while I took the dogs for a romp in the gamelands, then came back to give them serious baths. Red is a world-champion roller.

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