Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 7

I made up my mind to ride Red first today because whenever I ride Bobby first, I'm always either too tired from carrying him around a bend or urging him forward, or trying to convince him that he's smarter than he's acting, I don't want to ride another horse. So I jumped on Red and he was faaaabulous!

W/T/C warm-up in his new bit--the elevator--and he went around like a pro. A little naughty trying to leg yield, but I was perhaps not wearing the most...appropriate....foot wear. Unless you count muck boots as good riding gear! I had a little cross rail set up for Bobby the other day and decided to pop him over it since it was going so well. Now, usually with Red it's a big fighting galloping battle over a fence. But I read that the less the better with a rusher, and while dubious simply because of his tendency to GALLOP over jumps no matter what, I tried it. It was like a giant angelic beam shone down on us! I had jut enough contact that I could feel his mouth, but I wasn't pulling in the slightest, didn't speed up my trot, didn't even let myself think he was going to rush it. And he didn't!!! Of course, he jumped the ground pole set 7' out in front of it, but he did it slowly. Landed at the canter, correct lead, head not glued to his chest, perfect! I took him over it a few more times just to revel in a good jump from him once and let him go back to his hay. Hopefully this carries over to 3' because his scope is unlimited, it's just been the rushing that's been holding us back.

Red 3 years ago.

Bobby's ride, not so good. I was going to start him in the standing martingale, then take it off at the end for a few minutes just so he knew he could live without it, but I was having so much trouble girthing him because he was being a grouch, that I girthed him without putting it on! Needless to say, I wasn't going to go through another ten minutes of trying to do him up, so I just went out without it. I sent him right off to the trot so he knew I meant business, and for about the first five minutes he went really well...for him. Then the head came up, the trot got rushed, the bend was lost, and it all went to hades.

THEN, this woman who always seems to show up whenever I'm trying to ride no matter what time I come, pulls in. So I let him walk to cool off, knowing our ride was probably going to be done soon since she turns her four babies out in the paddock RIGHT NEXT TO the arena, even though there is another paddock who's gate is two steps away and drops off into a hill so you're not distrubing anyone in the arena. GRRRRR. I wanted to shake her!! You know I'm on a young ex-racer who obviously is not paying attention to me in the first place, and yet you turn them out anyway, without even asking if it's alright! You couldn't have waited ten more minutes?! Not only is that RUDE and disrespectful, it's also unsafe! Ohhhh my gosh, I was furious. I couldn't even end the ride on a good note, because as soon as she put the one baby out, Bobby was done for. He was spinning and hopping and trying to snatch the bit, so I just jumped off and put him away. Moron. Who does that?!

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