Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 8

Had an awesome Valentine's Day weekend with hubby out in Cook Forest PA. Glad to be back to my ponies and own house, though.

It finally warmed up to almost 50, but the winds were around 50 mph, too. I gave Bobby a bath first thing, figuring I'd let him dry while I rode Red. Bobby was DISGUISTING. He was covered in dirt and pee and dandruff and gross. But he loved his bath and he got to chill with his stall door open, munching on hay, while he watched Pick Off get his bath.

I took Red out to the field because all the snow was melted off of it, but we managed to trot the length of one side once and trot through some puddles a few times before I called it quits. I was literally getting blown off the saddle.

Trimmed their noses and fetlocks, gave Bobby a bridlepath, and left them alone. Nothing was going to get done today. Red will get his bath tomorrow and I'll take Bobby out to the field to see how he feels about going through water.

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