Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 13

Good and bad today. Actually, not bad rides on the boys, but other factors made it kind of a crappy day.

The arena was finally good enough to ride in, and jump in! I gave Red a great warmup with spurs on while doing a big circle and talking to Fran. Got him to leg yield both ways (still a little bratty to the R) at the walk and trot, and got a great 15m canter circle in to the left. Had to reset my two little jumps since yesterdays 50mph winds knocked everything over. Red jumped like a pro, as always. He was even fairly sane as far as not taking off 10ft away. Also his first jump over a vertical in a long time, so he popped over that kind of big (it was only around 2'3). Let him canter to both fences, which I have not done in a loooong time because of the rushing. He jumped like a bear--not strong or too rushing (well, maybe a teeny bit), but HUGE. He jumps better the bigger they get. I had him going 3', so these are like big canter strides to him. We'll get there, Red! Just wait for me!

Took Bobby out with Fran while the neighbor's kids (whose yards is right against the arena) were out playing on the swing set and trampoline. I figure he's going to have to get used to outside distractions eventually and might as well go for it. He was totally unconcerned with Pick Off being in the arena, but a little worried about that swing set. Spooked a little once (Bobby's spooking=cantering 2 strides and throwing his head), but otherwise just looked at it. Not a bad w/t warm-up. Certainly nothing great. His dressage needs to come a long way. That's where I need the lessons. More to that later. Cantered a couple laps to the left. His head was tilted out to the rail with his butt swinging in--more of a canter you would do around the arena. I need to do more canter circles with him, but he's so damn unbalanced because of the stifles. It just takes time, Carly! Be patient!

Took him over the X-rail with the cones several times. I had it set up so he had to go over facing the swing set, which definitely didn't help. He was far more interested in watching the kids play than picking up his feet. To his credit though, he never refused and didn't knock it down. I got 2 good, real jumps in when I tapped him with my spurs. The second time he jumped me right out of the tack! Ahh, so he can lift those feet up!!

Crappiness: I have a wicked cold with a cough, so I'm taking Robitussin which is making me feel kind of nauseaous and loopy, and I'm PMSing on top of that. Not a great day physically. I was getting really tired and cramping, so the riding was kind of miserable. Glad to get something productive done though.

Also, this barn thing is really starting to bother me. Fran said that the Barn Owner was really annoyed that the wash stall was dirty after I used it, and that I'd ripped up his paddock from turning the horses out. Now, I'm going to rant and make excues here because it's my blog and I get to do what I want:

A) When I left, the wash stall was wet. Of course it was wet, since I had just given both horses baths! I rinsed down all the water to the drain and cleared it so the rest could finish draining. And I left when it was wet. Should I have waited until the entire wash stall was dry to leave so I could have swept it or something? I guess so. Seems a little silly to me, but it must have been really dirty. I didn't think it was going to be. I can understand getting annoyed at that. My bad. I'll do my best next time.

B) I am not the only person that turns my horses out. BO does not turn any of the horses out. I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but he told Fran he doesn't put horses out in the summer because of the heat and the bugs and boarders complaining about horses not getting along. Several solutions to that, obviously: work out a t/o schedule where you have horses that get along turned out together, turn horses out at night when too hot, put on fly spray and fly masks. Regardless, if I had torn up his pasture so much, it doesn't really matter since the horses won't be using it!

This is just another case of BO not knowing how to deal with boarders at a boarding barn. You've got to work with horses and horse owners, dude. Horses need t/o. Period. People want their horses outside on nice days. Do it.

I'm actively looking for a new barn. I have a couple written down to check out, one closer to home that's an english show barn that does.....EVENTING! I doubt I can afford it, but it doesn't hurt to call and find out. I need an arena, and preferably jumps. I hope I can find something. I'm driving too far and spending too much money to not like the barn I'm at.

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