Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 2

Grrr....a day of riding was ruined by a nervous, inexperienced boyfriend. Weekend hubby time is no longer going to involve hubby at the barn time. It was still a little icey over the snow, so I planned on going for a ride down the road since the roads were completely clear and there's very little traffic on the barn road. I put hubby on Bobby in his western saddle and I got on Red.

First, hubby was being a brat about even getting on because he didn't want to use the mounting block, even to get on 17hh Bobby. Then he did get on but the girth was too loose, and when I offered to tighten it for him since I was still on the ground, Bobby bit Red and Red kicked Bobby and hubby got scared and jumped off to do the girth up himself. At this point, I offered to let him put Bobby away and go take the dogs to the gamelands down the road while i rode. But ohhh no. Don't get in the way of hubby when he's trying to prove a point; and don't ask him what the point is.

Then we set off down the road and got just past the 300' arena when Bobby spotted amish kids sledding down the hill. So he started prancing and hubby got even more nervous and turned him around right into Red, who was having his own issues with a wet spot in the road. (Sidenote: Red is allergic to concrete; at least, he thinks he is. He can't be crosstied because he lays down on the cement, and he can't stand on it for very long. I have no idea why. He's just special in that way.) Hubby then got off and led Bobby back to the barn, which of course wasn't very far away.

We went into the arena, hubby got back on Bobby, but Bobby was still feeling prancy so he got back off. Of course, he was probably feeling prancy because he hadn't been outside in four days. So I got off too because I was mad that my ride had been ruined because hubby was being naughty.

The moral of the story is: ride by yourself when you're trying to accomplish your own goals if you've got a non-horseperson at your side.

Speaking of goals, I've set my first ever competition goal. I'm aiming Bobby towards the Plantation Field Horse Trials October 29th event. They're offering an elementary division event with little baby jumps and a w/t dressage test. Hopefully he'll be more advanced than that by October, but this will definitely be his first real event, so start small and be safe!

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