Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 5

Made it to the barn today in frigid weather. Umm, I thought the wind was supposed to die down today? Lie! It was only 6 degrees when I woke up this morning, and it was probably about 20 when I got to the barn.

I only rode Bobby today because I was making a video by myself of Bobby under saddle to send in to New Vocations to see if I could get us a spot in the Equine Affaire Breed Parade. How seriously cool would that be? But anyway, by the time I got the frigging camera to work, set up on the fence post, I had gotten on and off the poor dummy half a dozen times. But I got a walk/trot video finally and jumped off yet again to assess the x-rail situation.

The snow was a little deep where the jump was originally set up, so I was going to swing it over to the middle of the arena instead of off to the side. Well, I got one standard (6') up out of the frozen ground, but I couldn't get the other one to swing around. And, of course, the jump cups were frozen in place. So I put the standard back in place, dug up the ground pole, and set the camera up at the other end of the arena on another fence post. Jumped back on, and sent him on his way.

He fizzled out to a walk the first time because he was a little unsure of his footing, but I let him walk over it. He knocked one of the rails down with a back foot, so I got off, set it back up, and got back on. Sent him to it again, and he trotted over perfectly and confidently. He drifted out on landing, and it took a couple more times to get him straight after the fence, but he finally got it. He's also learning about cantering after the jump. He hasn't picked up the correct lead yet, but I want him to know that cantering is a good thing, so we'll work on the leads later.

I left it at that for him and untacked him so he could play in the snow bank--his favorite thing in the world; he loves to run through them and dig in them. I brought Red out (who was barely awake) so he didn't feel left out. Red did a rolly and bit Bobby in the butt a few times, and then they were done, ready to come in for their hay.

I should call this the mount-dismount video.

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