Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 14

Great ride on both ponies today. It started with cleaning poop out of Bobby's feed bucket so I could give him his mineral block and lunch, so it could really only go up from there.

I brought the camera to get some video of Red jumping. Had a great w/t/c warmup on him, and was really nailing flying changes. Gosh, I love how that horse goes. Especially when struggling with dressage on Bobby. I set up the camera and did about 10 jumps with Red at trot and canter. He almost crashed into the x-rail the first time we went up to it; I think it was part not enough leg from me, part he wasn't sure about jumping in the snow. But we got over, and the rest of the trot went well. One monster take-off for the vertical, but pretty flawless overall. So I grabbed the camera to watch as I cooled him out, only to discover that it hadn't recorded! Grrrrrr. I need a camera man to just follow me around.

So I took him around again at trot and canter, both gaits one time each way over each jump. He want perfectly, mostly because he was pissed he had to do it again, and there was no rushing. But I wasn't fooled! He wasn't even warm when we were done. Pooooor Red! I abuse you sooooo much! Brat.

Snow Jumping Red

I was up in airs about whether to hack out on Bobby or do some dressage schooling, but I know I really need to work on his canter, so I sucked it up and took him out to the arena. Man, do I have alot of work to do, and I was really dying for a trainer. I was working on lengthening and shortening the stride at the trot, and guaranteed my shoulders are going to be dead tomorrow; he was just blowing right through me. But I got a little here and there and moved on to the canter before I fought with him too much.

His canter to the left was a little wonky and weak, and he was having trouble holding it. He also kept looking around because I could hear what sounded like the chain on a flagpole banging. Hello, Carly. There is no flagpole nearby. That should have been a red flag. We get to the end of the short side, and he takes off. He gives a little buck and stumbles, I fall on his neck, but we both recover pretty quickly, he gives some more sideways naughtiness, and I finally yank his head around into the fence. I turn around to see wtf the issue was, and up the field come four Belgians pulling a manure spreading and the clanking was it being drawn. They finally head off out of eyesight and I get a semi-resonable canter to the left on the other end of the arena. He drifts in across the arena to the left though. Just another thing to fix.

I took him down to the side he spooked at to go to the right because I know he's stronger that way. He struggled a little bit maintaining the canter, but I got one awesome (for a really big, really green TB) circle in, and let him end it at that.

Lots more work to do on the Bobby front, but by the time I have enough money to actually do anything, he should be Olympic material. ::sigh:: Oh, and the event barn just 10 minutes from me? $400/mo/horse. Not a ridiculous amount of money for the caliber of barn it looked to be, but way out of my league.

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