Friday, February 18, 2011

Barn rant

Ugh. I am so in the mood for a barn rant--a barn managemnt rant. Let me start by saying that I have never been in a boarding barn where I agree 100% with the practices. I really just need my own place again where I can do what I think needs done.

First, I talked to the barn owner about giving Bobby hay at noon and upping his grain during his two feedings. No big deal, I figured, since the horse across from him is a rescue and is incredibly thin so he was getting hay at noon anyway. Well, that went well for a week or two; he wasn't always getting fed at noon on-the-dot, but usually after 11 and before 1. Then I noticed that Red was getting ribby, so I left a note for BO to give Red hay at noon too, and to up his grain at feeding time. The next day, BO swung in and he said he was already giving him hay at noon, which I'd never seen sign of, and that he was also giving Bobby a noon grain feeding. I'm ok with that, I think it's a good idea, but it needs to be consistent!

Anyway, for the past week or so, neither my two horses or the rescue horse have been getting any feedings, hay or grain. I've been able to get out to the barn every day during the week and feed them myselves, but I really can't justify driving up to the barn in bad weather when I know I won't be able to ride because I can't afford the extra gas money. So what happens on weekends or week days when I can't get out there? They just won't get fed? The most annoying thing is that neither one of them is looking better. I think Bobby has ulcers, but I doubt Red does, so I think it's the feeding management.

It's just a complete lack of communication and personal involvement with boarders that annoys me, and overall lack of interest in running a boarding barn and having horses. I understand he used to be a dairy farmer, and has definitely made out well with the barn being converted for horses, but why did you do it and make yourself the go-to person for any problems if you don't really care?

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