Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 6

No barn today. Pay day is tomorrow and I have no more gas left in my car and no more money left in the bank thanks to my dentist appointment. Hopefully I'll get in a good ride tomorrow because we rented a cabin a couple hours away for Valentines Day weekend to do some skiing.

It's really frustrating not having money to do the things I need to do. Sometimes it sounds like there's money to burn: a weekend away? You must be loaded! Well, no. Last year was hubby's last year as a farmer, so we used part of a grain check to book the vacation since we never get to do anything together, and certainly no vacations. He also just sold the last of our hay from last year, so I'm hoping I can use some of that to get the vet out and get everything done in one fell swoop--coggins, rabies, shots, and Red needs his teeth floated.

What really sucks about having no money and trying to compete is the lack of a trainer. It's like a sin not to have a trainer anymore! Well, I know what I'm doing by myself, and I know where to ask for help, and I read my ass off, and Red is an incredible mover and jumper and I tought him everything he knows all on my own. Bobby's got a much more willing attitude so hopefully he'll turn out even better.

It also sucks not having a trailer. Or a truck. Hubby has a truck, but it's a company truck so when he's got to work Saturdays during the spring and summer, he won't be able to haul for me. And Wayne, the barn owner, seems super willing to let people use his trailer for free or really chep, but what good is it if there's no truck to haul it? So how am I supposed to get to shows? Hire someone to haul me down. Which hopefully there will be other people around up here that want to go down there for events. If I can afford shipping costs on top of entrance fees and everything else!

Grr. It's really frustrating. Of course, I had to go and pick one of the most expensive sports to compete in.

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