Monday, September 12, 2011


I am totally baffled by Red's leg. It didn't go down any after poulticing it yesterday (Poultice haters are all, "Duh. Poultice doesn't do anything." Well screw you, poultice haters. I learned legs on the track and we are poultice lovers!). In fact, it seems like there was more fluid in it today. It was also hot to the touch. That tells me wound. But I couldn't find anything and there's a bulge on the inside of his ankle. Like a tendon bulge, but he's not off at all! W/T/C, totally fine. He didn't even have the little short stride like I saw yesterday.

yikes, right?!

I hand walked him for ten minutes, cold hosed for ten minutes, then consulted with BM for several minutes. She said to turn him out because she thought quite a bit of swelling had gone down after walking him. So I booted him up and turned him out. He walked up to the top of the field with the other two horses and got down to grazing like it was no big deal. Huh?

I guess if there's still so much fluid in his leg tomorrow, I'm going to sweat him and see if that will make it go down at all. If that doesn't start to bring it down, I'll have to call the vet. Which I hate. Because I'm poor. Grr.

Update: Hubby took me to the barn after we got the trailer registered (finally!) to wrap Red's leg. I bought more Furazone because I was almost out, and restocked on vet wrap and DMSO. I also bought a pair of 16" standing wraps; all I had before was 12" and they were way too small for his hind legs.

I took his boots off and, being neoprene, they had made his legs sweat from being on in the heat for so long, and....the swelling had gone down! I don't know if it was from the walking around or the heat, but it looked a lot better! Still fluid in there, but no unseemly bulge by his ankle.

I sweated the leg anyway, and told BM to put him out tomorrow wraps on and all until I could get there to check it myself.

I also looked at his RH hoof. The farrier had showed me a spot where she said a piece had broken off of the sole (? I don't know feet.) from how hard the arena footing was at previous barn. Farrier said it wasn't anything to worry about and to just keep an eye on it. Well, Hubby has been hoof picker-outer when he takes me, so I haven't been watching it personally. I dug the spot out today and it looked a little thrushy, but otherwise not any deeper than it was and it didn't show any ouch to the hoof testers. I put some koppertox in there, and I'll be the one to pick out his feet from now on.

Fingers crossed this is just some wierd reaction to the mud (of which there is plenty), and it's just something cosmetic.

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