Sunday, September 25, 2011

The saga continues

So much for the Micklem. For now at least. Cob size was way too tiny for Red's head, even though no regular horse sized bridle has ever fit him. I couldn't even get the throat latch/cheek piece thing into the first hole. So I'm sending it back tomorrow for the Standard Horse size and praying that Dover gets it to me by Saturday. Bummer.

But in other saga news, Red picked up his canter the first time I asked for it again! We went a few circles and around the entire arena once before quiting for the day. Yahoo!! Tomorrow I'll start to ask him to do it a few more times from the trot, but I wanted to remind him that I can be nice and reward him for doing good things instead of just fighting with him.

He's been getting carrots before and after his rides the past two days, so maybe I've found the real secret cure. Off to go buy more!

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