Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am Event Poneh. Hear me roar!

Feeling bored with the arena and inspired by the nice weather, I decided it was high time to take Red out to the cross country field. No to jump, but to walk and trot the rolly terrain and start to ask him to use his patootie a little more aggressively. He clearly thought I should be doing the same and I had to hike my own patootie all the way to the top of the field to get him this morning.

that's a long, steep way back down, jerk.

red's new bff, another ottb named spyder.
After a long search for my half chaps that I tossed to the side and promptly forgot about after riding yesterday, I finally got Red booted, breastplated, and tacked to head up to the field.

Red. Was. Nuts.

He was clearly as sick of the arena as I was, and was ready to rock and roll. Walking around the field consisted of jigging one way, then walking calmly, then trotting several steps, then spooking, then walking calmly again. We both decided it would be best if we stopped fighting and just let him trot, so after ten minutes of prancing, dancing feet, I let him go.

Red. Went. Crazy.

Forget trotting. He would trot for a few steps, then yank at the reins and canter. All my fancy pants equitation I try really hard to maintain went right out the window and I reverted to crazy dick head racehorse wrangling equitation. It was not pretty. But he did trot. Really fast.

I finally got him trotting in a semi-relaxed way going around and around in a big circle instead of the whole field. "What a good pony! I will let you trot this ground pole sized log."

Red. Jumped. BIG.

He snatched the bit about three strides out, galloped up to the jump, and launched himself over. This thing is literally the size of a ground pole. I almost ripped his face off as he started galloping towards the herd of wild horses (or fat school ponies) grazing innocently across the way. But he trotted again. I made him walk over it and while he still jumped it and cantered off, I got him back under control quickly this time and I decided to put his exuberance to good use and sent him off to the ditch.

He jumped the ditch really well. I think he was so excited to be out in the field being a cross country pony, he would have jumped a live tiger.

After literally only twenty minutes in the field, I decided I was not going to yank on him anymore (and vice versa), and we would go cool out and work on a nice, relaxed walk in the outdoor. So we speed walked barck to the barn, speed walked up to the arena, and poked around in the outdoor for ten minutes until he was cool.

We'll keep working in the field I think. Only next time in his elevator, running martingale, and rubber reins. The field can mean calm time too, Red Pony. The field is where you're going to do your dressage test over and over and over again, sucker. And maybe if you calm yourself by next weekend, you can do some jumping.

His leg looked fabulous today. A friend suggested wind puffs. Hm. I don't know. I cold hosed him and rubbed linament on it after we were done with bath time, but left it unwrapped tonight. Hopefully it still looks good tomorrow.

"what? i would never do anything naughty."

Also, in a ZOMG, YAY! moment:

So I conned my parents into buying my Christmas list early. It was a short list, but expensive. So on its way is the Micklem Bridle, cob sized for Red's tiny head, and an Ecogold Half pad. Red will be riding dirrty!

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