Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saddle pads

One of my major pet peeves: When people ride in shaped white pads and do not fit them properly under their saddles! I mean this is just a mess all around, but you can't even dump the saddle in the CENTER of the pad? Here's the ad for those that want a really tolerant pony. I've seen a ton of hunter riders do this as well and I always want to tug it into place. Shaped white pads are classy; make them stay that way!

Red got off pretty easy riding today. I warmed him up on the buckle at all three gaits and he happily cruised around with his nose on the ground, stretching out his back. I didn't want much--just energetic gaits and a chance to stretch his legs. For the last ten minutes, we worked at the walk and trot trying to perfect our halt on the centerline. He has a tendancy to take two or three strides at a walk before halting, but he did a few really nice, really square halts at the end.

I only rode for about 35 minutes, and I'm debating on what I want to do tomorrow and Friday. I always give my horses the day before a show off. I figure if they haven't learned it by then, they at least better be rested with a fresh mind instead of rank and mad at me.

Off to go close all the windows and bar the doors. We got three and a half inches of rain yesterday and it's pouring like hell again right now. Hopefully BH doesn't cancel because of flooding. Stupid weather.

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