Friday, September 23, 2011

Ohhh, Micklem Bridle...where are you?

The Micklem Saga: On the 14th, SmartPak said shipping would be delayed until the 16th. No big. Then they said it'd be delayed until Oct. 10th. Not going to work. I'll have done Burgundy Hollow and Bucks by then. So my dad cancelled that one and tried Bit of Britain. They said at checkout they had it in stock. Next day, it will be delayed until further notice. Cancel there. I emailed Dover and Adams Pet Supply asking if they had one ready to be put in a box and send out. Adams said Nope. They might get a shipment in in a week or so. Dover, however, said they had nine cob sized left! I have never had an issue with Dover before. Their shipping prices are absolutely ridiculous, but they've never given me any trouble with anything. I wouldn't priase them for their exemplary service, but if they can send me the bridle in a week, I don't care! So hopefully that's on its way.

Update: Just got an email from Dover....Bridle shipped yesterday via FedEx, currently in transit, expected to arrive 9/27. Woo hoo!

A note on the Ecogold pad: I ordered ivory, which in the picture and in my mind means an off white, but it's actually grey with a black underside. I don't mind so I didn't demand a return, but just a note to double check for anyone else that wants to order one and really wants white. I used it yesterday and after forty minutes of dressage work, I took the saddle off and there wasn't any dent in it at all. I can't say Red went miraculously better in it, but it was only day one and he certainly wasn't against it.

I shared the arena with one other girl getting a lesson from BO and BO was able to throw a couple comments out at me. I feel kind of guilty since I'm not paying her, but I do appreciate the help. Hopefully this paycheck can afford a lesson; if not, I can the next one.

At the trot, to the right no less, BO said that Red is nice and square and that it's nice to see a horse go so straight. That's good! Just don't ask him to bend into the canter.

At the canter, she said to use a really strong inside leg to ask for the canter because I have to hold his shoulder up and anything with the outside leg is just going to let him get away with leaning over to the inside. And it worked! But then he fell into the trot as we came off the circle and I let go with my leg. BO also said to ask for the canter just as we come off the rail  headed to X instead of closer. The comment will be "Early" for the movement, but that will be better than fighting over the wrong lead. Something to work on, for sure. I ended early for a lunch date with Hubby (Note: When you buy things, make sure you read the label. Honey Roasted Peanuts are not Honey Roasted Peanuts when the label says Buffalo Peanuts. Just saying.).

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