Friday, September 2, 2011


I got to the barn at eleven today and BO had just brought Red in. She said he was standing in the run-in by himself again and wouldn't go up to graze. She's moving him to a different paddock tomorrow where it opens right up from the gate into a huge field that leads back into another huge field so he doesn't have to walk up a path to get to the grass like his first paddock. She also asked me if I wanted her to feed him three times a day instead of twice. Heck yes! She gave him a scoop of grain when I got there so I liesurely pulled his mane after he was done eating.

I took him to the indoor to ride today, and as we were walking up to it, I noticed cows across the road....with no fence between them and the street. So we turned around and ran into a boarder coming off the trail. I asked him if he knew about the cows and he said they had wandered over last week and to tell BO because she knew who to call. By the time I got Red back in his stall, took his bridle off, and told BO about the cows, they had already wandered back to the top of the hill into their fence. At least they didn't walk out into the road! Hubby had a beefer calf get loose a few years ago on a main route, it got hit by a motorcycle, and he got sued. Fortunately Hubby insures everything and the guy was fine, but the poor cow died.

The footing in the indoor is super deep chocolate-y colored dirt so we did a ton of walking. Of course, first Red had to investigate the mirrors.

We walked for a good twenty minutes before picking up a trot. We trotted for ten minutes total, not working on anything specific--just lots of circles and changes of directions. I had him canter once around to the left, then asked him to canter once to the right. Nope. He wouldn't pick up his right lead, period. He needs his teeth done, so that's going to get budgeted in for next month. Hopefully that will be an easy fix.

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