Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Another week with no gas money so it was up to Hubby to truck my sorry, poor ass to the barn when he got home from work. Thank God for an indoor because it was has been raining literally nonstop since Sunday. BO was giving a lesson and there were two other girls riding (Four Thorougbreds walk into an arena together....) in an arena just a smidge larger than a small dressage ring. All the ponies behaved themselves very well, and while at times it was feeling like a crazy warmup ring, we all managed to avoid crashing into each other even with a green bean baby, the lesson girl jumping, and the other girl riding dressage and I trying to squeeze in a canter whenever we could.

We all worked on cavaletti spaced 6' apart for Red and lesson pony's monster strides, then me on Red and dressage rider on her horse got down to business to finish off our flatwork when greenie and lesson horse were done. Red and I finally got the arena to ourselves after forty minutes of mostly walking and standing, some trotting, and cantering.

Hubby used two of the jumps in the arena to set up a little exercise for us. The first jump was a one pole vertical on an angle at M. I cantered in from the left, angled in towards it at B, jumped, then continued left around the arena before coming down the center line to another vertical with two bars. The second jump was 2'9. The first jump started at 2'3 and I told Hubby to just keep raising it a hole each time I went over. I didn't know what their heights were until after I was done which is definitely a good approach for me. The first verical looked really big because it was so airy, but I was like, "God dammit, I'm going to jump this thing!" and I rode Red to it like I owned the place. Yay for staying out of my own head!

Red, for his part, jumped like a superstar. He brushed the rail at 2'6 and 2'9 the first time going over and Hubby made us do it again and he picked up his toes to his eyes. He likes testing a jump's height to see how much effort he has to expend. He was actually huffing a little bit by the time we were done, but he got a long walk out before going back to stuff his face and get his legs rubbed down.

Today, there was no way I was going to the barn. Hubby is headed up to Western NY for a seed thing for work and the rain still hasn't stopped. I had to evacuate my car out of the driveway so it wouldn't float away. The power was out from 8:30 this morning until 1:45 this afternoon and now it's raining like hell and thundering and lightening. Good thing we have a canoe!

the driveway.

hubby out boating while temporarily home from work to get the
generator going.

the end of the driveway.

pig dog insistent on playing ball, even in the downpour.

darcy in the runoff in the neighbor's field.

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