Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fabulous Pony Day

it's here!!!!
It didn't get here until after we got back from the barn, but my Micklem Bridle has arrived. Thank you, Dover, for having it in stock and for getting it to me two days after it was ordered. Woo hoo! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

Red warmed up superbly at the w/t and canter to the left. I was working on parts of our dressage test and lots of transitions. The time finally came to attempt the dreaded right lead. I did what BO suggested and asked for it right as I came off the wall into my circle at B and.....he picked it up the first time! And sustained it for the whole circle and down the long side before I asked for the trot. Yessss!!!!! Of course, I had to end the battle there with a huge hug and a million pats.

We moved on to some fun instead of drilling the dressage again. I used the jumps that were from the lesson before us, but hiked them up a few holes. There was an X that I set the cups at 3' three strides to a 2'6 vertical, and an oxer that was 2'9 in front and 3' (though Hubby measured the top of the pole at 3'3", I measured from the hole the cup was in) in back. We were having difficulties getting the turn right for the line, but it rode ok. He picked up his right lead the second time I asked for it the first time through, but because he was not being particularly cooperative with the turn coming to the X, I rode it from the trot the next two times.

Then, we did the oxer. The first time we went over, I might have little out a little yelp. But then it was pure fun. Red only had one "Hm. Should we be doing this?" moment where he ducked a little to the left (which you can see in our awkwardness in the second photo), but I kept my legs on, gave him a little tug with my right rein, and he went over fine.

zomg, it looks a million feet tall.

over here is the center, red!


Yay, Red Pony!

At the end of the ride, I even started to seriously toss around the idea of moving up to Novice at Plantation. Maybe....

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