Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time for another "Horse people love spending money" poll!

Because we already know how much lessons cost and what you're paying for board, with winter coming (WINTER IS COMING) I figured it was time to explore one of equestrians' favorite money pits: blankets.

I've seen several blanket reviews pop up over the past couple of weeks, and I'd be lying if I said they didn't want to make me go out and buy literally all of them, even though I already have a blanket for every winter situation in my arsenal. Fortunately (unfortunately?), I'm poor and haven't yet turned into Nicku.

I realize some of you own more than one horse, so please answer separately for each horse.

In the comments, tell me:

  • If your horse is turned out day, night, or 24/7 in winter only
  • If your horse is clipped
  • How many blankets you own at each weight
  • Average cost per blanket
I'll start with Bobby who is body clipped and turned out overnight. He rotates through four blankets that cost me an average of $150 per blanket. 

bobby clearly only needs a blanket when clipped as he grows hair like a grizzly.

Don't be embarrassed, ladies. Share with the world your blanket ho problems!


  1. Last year Fiction was clipped. I cycled through 5 blankets (from light to heavy). Paid approximately $75 for each blanket (found some excellent deals on ebay), except for one that came with him when I bought him. This year I'm not clipping and not blanketing.

  2. Sigh. Here we go.

    1. Turned out between 2-8 hours a day depending on weather. In a stall at night.
    2. He will have a bib clip sometime in the next week.
    3. I own one of each, with accompanying prices:
    Stable Sheet (paid $20 on sale, $50 regular)
    Cotton Anti-Sweat (paid $35 on sale, $65 regular)
    Fleece Cooler (paid $50 on sale, $65 regular)
    Wool Cooler (paid $35 on clearance, $75 regular)
    Turnout Sheet (paid $50 full price)
    Stable Blanket (free, gift from friend, $100 regular)
    Medium Weight (free, gift from friend, $200 regular)
    Heavyweight (free, gift from friend, $200 regular)

    So I have a fairly extensive wardrobe that I have acquired inexpensively through a combination of savvy shopping and sheer dumb luck.

    I have everything I need, but I also want to go out and buy one of everything...what is up with that?!

  3. This is where it finally pays off to live in Texas! I've had the same two blankets (a sheet and a light fill blanket) for 8 years and have used them on 4 different horses. They were both under $100 each on sale. Even with a full body clip that's all you really need down here, especially since mine are generally inside at night. I do have a wool cooler, an irish knit, and a quarter sheet as well. Again, all under $100.

  4. Simon is turned out during the day in winter, and very soon he will be full body clipped. I currently have one nice turnout sheet ($180) and will be getting another nice medium weight ($250ish) to replace my shitty medium weight ($90) that is a hot mess.

  5. OH BOY! Keep in mind I live in Eastern Ontario - COLD

    If your horse is turned out day, night, or 24/7 in winter only

    All 4 Turned out at 6am and in at 6pm. Barn fully insulated

    If your horse is clipped

    No, I blanket early so they don't grow a coat.

    How many blankets you own at each weight

    8 Stable sheets - $100 each
    6 Med weight stable rugs - $150 each
    4 Heavy weight stable rugs - $250 each

    6 Rain sheets - $80 each
    3 50g - $150 each
    4 150g - $200 each
    4 -250g - $200 each
    4- 350g-400g - $300 each

    Plus 5 Fleece coolers - $125 each

    ..........some have been hand me downs - thank GOD.

  6. My new mare is clipped and lives out 24/7 in our cold Alberta winters.

    So far I have purchased her almost a whole new wardrobe, including:

    Amigo Brave 400g Turnout (With Neck) - $250
    Amigo Liner with attached neck 200g -$150
    Liner without a neck 200g- used for $50
    Rhino Plus 370g (but it's older so its lost some fluff)Turnout with neck - used for $100
    Gladiator Midweight (no neck) - used for $25
    Rambo Grand Prix Fleece Cooler - used for $50
    Full neck fleece cooler - used for $20
    Gladiator Championship Cooler - we won it!
    Fleecelined rain sheet - used for $25
    Back on Track Rain Sheet - $140 (regular $290, it was on sale)
    Masta Rain Sheet - she came with it
    Cotton sheet - used for $20
    Back on Track Mesh Sheet - $225 (regular $290)
    Fleecelined 1/4 sheet - used for $30

    And I've only owned her for 6 weeks. I also have a problem...

  7. Not sure how you're figuring liners, but...

    - Turned out during the day, stalled at night
    - Fully clipped except legs and head
    - 1 sheet @ $125
    - 100g liner @ $53
    - 200g liner @ $64
    - 300g liner @ $30 (used)

  8. 2 guys out 24/7. They each have a heavy weight rug. And sheets. Cost about 100 for rugs (each) but were on sale at end of spring. No clipping. Very fuzzy. Doesn't get super cold here (ok) but gets wet and windy.

  9. Yay fun!

    The Horse:
    • Guinness is outside 24/7 with solid shelter & trees & 24/7 hay.
    • He is clipped, a high trace clip. Legs and head left fully intact. Otherwise he grows hair like a woolly mammoth!
    • Centaur Fleece Cooler; purchased for $50
    • Rambo Newmarket Quarter Sheet; retails for $90, on it's 4th year of use, still in perfect condition. Love this thing. Seriously.
    • 1 Dover Northwind Turnout Sheet (0 fill); retails at $164.99 (I paid $0. Hooray contest!); still unused
    • Smartpak Deluxe Turnout Sheet (0 fill); retails $130; on it's second year of use (going strong! Only one small rip!)
    • 1 SmartPak SmartBlue Thinsulate Turnout Blanket (approx. 200g fill); retails $150; going on 4 years of use (kind of sad at this point, but still works!)
    • Rambo Wug Turnout (200g fill); retails $318; still on order...

  10. Lol, I too want all the blankets. I will be adding to my tiny list shorly but for now I have:

    Irish knit cooler: $35 used
    Light weight (no name) turnout: $35 used (rubs princess)
    Med weight (Saxon) $65 New/sale (excellent fit)

    I will be getting at least a new rain/ turnout sheet, because if any clipping occurs, it will be minimal, so really all she will need 90% of a Cali winter is a sheet really.

  11. Miles is completely body clipped and only gets turned out during the day in the winter. I own:
    2 Turnout Sheets (Rambo Wug & SmartPak Ultimate): $230
    1 Midweight (Weatherbeeta): Free!
    2 Heavyweights (Rambo Wug & SmartPak HighNeck): $330

    1. Forgot my Fleece Coolers!
      2 Fleece Coolers: $55
      Fleece Blanket Liner: $55

  12. Oh, let's see. Last year, my horses were unclipped and turned out 24/7. They were blanketed in medium-weight turnout blankets when the windchill was below 0 degrees F. Those blankets are some ancient shizz from Dover and cost me about $100/ea new.

    This year, Precious Babies are partially clipped (trace low/medium) and enjoying being stabled in the evening. I plan to buy them a turnout sheet apiece, which will run me about $40/horse with my discount.

    My horses are saints and never tear up their blankets. All holes in their turnouts are from where nasty little mice chewed them.

  13. I have 3 horses. I live in Silicon Valley so it doesn't generally get very cold. However, I do clip all 3 because they are worked in the winter and we have to truck in water so bathing is really frowned upon. They are fully clipped except legs because legs are annoying to shave. All horses have a stall with attached paddock so they are sort of both in and out 24/7. They each get a medium weight turnout blanket. Each cost ~$100. I can do the cheap ones since it's not too cold here. The 2 horses we've had are very easy on blankets and don't need replacing yearly. I do need to buy one for the new mule, but she takes the same size as the other 2, so I get to give her my gelding's and get him a new one. Will probably spend another ~$100. We also have a turnout sheet that was probably ~$100 from a few years ago when we didn't shave the one horse and she was on turnout without a shelter. I also have a huge stable blanket from the horse I donated to the police force, but I can't use it since it's way too big and not waterproof. It was free and came with him so no $ there.
    I also have 2 coolers, one free show winner type that came with the draft and 1 Dura-Tech® Tekno-Dri® Contour Cooler for $70.

  14. Ramone is essentially exposed to the elements 24/7, has a shelter but not in a paddock. $150, clipped but we are also California.
    1 Flysheet, 1 stable sheet, 1 Med Turnout, 1 heavy turnout.

    Those were all Carlos and he lived inside and was clipped. Ramone wears hand me downs.

  15. Cosmo is clipped and lives inside currently. However he is getting quite shaggy and possibly moving to an outside situation. Either way, he has a rain sheet ($70) and a medium turnout ($120). If he's clipped, he'll use the medium if not, the sheet should do fine, it doesn't get too cold at night down here.

  16. Max is body clipped and turned out at night. I own:

    1 turnout sheet - $45
    1 medium turnout - $150
    1 heavyweight stable blanket - Free
    1 heavyweight turnout w/ neck - Free
    1 cooler - $60

    Max's old owners were kind enough to gift me with his heavy blankets I'm not sure of the cost - one is Rambo and the other is Rider's International. :)

  17. Courage is body clipped and lives mostly in his stall run with up to 8 hours in turnout. He does not get turned out in extreme weather.

    I have:
    2 medium turnouts, bought on sale for ~$100 each
    2 stable blankets used as liners. One hand me down from two horses ago, one gifted from blogger friend.
    1 sheet I picked up for $30
    Plus various coolers that are only used in a cooling capacity, never as layering in the stall.

  18. Missy
    First year Trace clipped
    Turned out 7am-5pm during winter
    -one sheet ($75)
    -2 medium weights ($100, 120)
    -one heavy weight ($180)
    -one liner (ebay for $45!)
    -cooler ($100)
    -quarter sheet ($80)

  19. Oooh boy. I can't wait to see the spreadsheet for this one!

    All horses are out 24/7 but have a huge run-in barn where they can get out of the weather. They use this all the time when it rains or is windy, because otherwise they might melt/freeze to death in our bitterly cold central Texas winters.

    Cash: Not clipped, 26
    Under 40 degrees, med weight Rambo that's 15 years old - ~$300
    Under 30 degrees, add a 200g liner - $80

    Red: Not clipped, 21. Grows no coat.
    Under 40 degrees, med weight Rambo Wug - $320
    Under 30 degrees, add a fleece liner - $40 (much patched and repaired

    Brego: Fully clipped
    Under 40 - No-fill Rambo Optimo sheet (came with him)
    Under 30 - add 200 g liner (came with him)

    Paddy: Fully clipped
    Under 45 - No-fill Rambo Optimo sheet ($400)
    Under 40 - add 200g liner ($60)
    Under 30 - add 400g liner (included)

    Brego and Paddy also have fleece coolers that were $40 each.

  20. Beauty is never clipped, turns into a major fluffball, lives outside 24/7.
    I have:
    3 light sheets (in various sizes, denier and states of disrepair) ($50, $50, $80)
    2 medium ($60, $80)
    1 100g stable sheet ($40)
    1 detachable lightweight hood ($5 - yes that's right, $5)

  21. Okay so mine lives out 24/7 and will be partially clipped this winter (even if it's not done yet).
    1 fleece cooler: Free
    2 mid-weight blankets: Both around $100
    ---one of the mid-weight has a neck cover


  22. If your horse is turned out day, night, or 24/7 in winter only

    If your horse is clipped

    How many blankets you own at each weight
    1 Rainsheet -> $60
    1 300g Canadian Horseware Co. blanket. -> $75

    Average cost per blanket

  23. Maggie isn't clipped and she has a run out attached to her stall so she can go out I guess that's categorized as 24/7 turnout?

    I only have 2 blankets for her: a cooler and a very thin rain sheet (amigo mio). The rain sheet I've never even used actually! Both I got for $20 at a used tack store. Woot.

    Of course, all this could change if I decide to clip this year...

  24. None of mine are clipped and are out 24x7 but are brought into the barn 2x a day for feedings. For the App, I have lots of blankets, a Weatherbeeta rain sheet (?? 150ish ??), a Schneiders mid weight (125ish) and a NEW Rhino heavy weight with hood (150). Not counting the Big Ds stable blanket (50ish?), McAllister heavyweight (100 that is now for sale b/c it fits like crap) and miscellaneous other non-fill sheets. He typically wears the Schneiders blanket through the winter but I will be putting him in the Rhino more to stave off the shivers. I only blanket him when it is under 15 degrees.
    The others both have a mid weight Scheiders (125) that goes on when they need it. TWH rarely ever needs a blanket as he could double as a musk ox, Mia gets one when it is under 15 degrees "just in case". I do have 3 rain sheets for these guys (50ish) but use them mostly for "keep clean" applications.

  25. My horse is not clipped because he doesn't grow enough coat to clip! His coat is so thin, I have to blanket him as if he were clipped. He is not turned out, but is in pipe corral paddock (minimal wind protection). He has one medium blanket which I use in the winter. He has 1 sheet used if its only slightly chilly or if I'm trying to keep him clean. Both I got for free from friends.

  26. Interesting set up. She has 24/7 access to a paddock, but has an actual stall. So I guess it is like pasture board with a better stall?

    Never ever do I clip.

    I used to own 5+ blankets, but that's plain crazy. When i got my new baby last year, I got rid of all the old ones. I have 3 currently. A cooler, a sheet, and a medium weight. I layer them depending on the temperature. I didn't spend over $100 on each.

    My old guy was full grown so I would invest more in him. With my baby growing, that would be silly. I can justify spending $150-200 on a really nice blanket (like from only because I know my horse isn't hard on them. Definitely will do when she is older!

  27. Oh fun! I'm more worried about the cost of insecticide going into summer, but nevertheless-

    All the boys are turned out 24/7 and not clipped (although Archie MAY get clipped next year for showing reasons)

    A cotton combo (used as a liner to keep heavy blankets clean) which was I think $55 on sale.
    A fleece stable rug which was also on sale for $20 (he has another one which cost me $100)
    And a waterproof 180g polyfill synthetic for over the top which was around $100 too.
    During the day his waterproof is taken off unless raining.

    Archie HATES anything synthetic, so he has au naturale.
    Flag combo (all natural fibers!) for a liner. Custom made- cost around $80?)
    Lined canvas combo which is so old I don't even know the price anymore. If bought today it would come close to $150.

    Cotton standard neck (his neck is actually too big for most 'off the rack' purchases- I need to order him a custom!) $110
    Lined canvas standard neck- also so old I'm not sure what price it would be. Probably close to $150 too.

    I'm a big fan of buying stuff on sale. I generally buy my winter stuff in summer, and my summer stuff in winter. And lucky for me, Australia doesn't really get that cold. Most horses around here are out 24/7 without rugs and don't suffer in the slightest. Summer is the bigger problem!

  28. Both are turned out 24/7 all the time.

    Neither are currently clipped, though if work increases, they'll receive bib clips that may evolve more if necessary.

    Each horse has a mid-weight blanket that cost $80 on Black Friday last year thanks to my super shopper combination of deals. I also have one cooler right now that I won through a blog giveaway, but it retails for $45

  29. Day turnout only for mine, weather permitting. Not clipped (hopefully I can get away with not clipping like last year, as he doesn't get too shaggy). He is going through my entire collection of sheets that are all hand-me-downs to him and wears a Weatherbeeta cotton sheet right now that he has yet to tear up. I bought him a medium weight turnout, one of the Northwind ones from Riders/Dover, and I think I got in on sale for ~$150.

  30. 24/7 turnout. Not clipped and doesn't get super hairy.

    2 rain sheets, no fill - very waterproof - 1 came with Val, the other was a deal on Tack of the day

    2 med weight blankets - came with Val

    2 slightly heavier newer med blankets with high necks - got off season on giant online sale

    Basically there are enough that Val always has dry "clothes". Around here it doesn't get super cold, but we have cold rain + big winds (nor'easters) pretty often. I figure changing out blankets overall saves me money as Val doesn't have to stuff his face quite so hard to stay comfortable, and a shivering horse is a pathetic sight.

    1. And a couple of fleece coolers for layering if necessary. ;D

  31. Own 1 horse. PNW rain.
    Daytime turnout, 4hrs/day late fall-spring. Same blanket in stall.
    Full body clip or full minus legs/head
    Average cost per blanket: $265
    Own 3 turnout blankets and one liner:
    1 Rambo Supreme lite (nofil) turnout w/ neck
    2 Rambo Supreme medium (200fil) turnout w/ neck
    1 Rambo Liner, 75” 100fil, navy - to use with med, but works with all

  32. Otter is turned out during the day. He is clipped this year (hunter clip currently), and I am a blanket-hoarder.

    He has:
    1 cooler ($50ish)
    1 stable sheet ($70) bought 3 years ago
    1 stable blanket (350ish fill) ($100) bought 3 years ago
    1 turnout sheet ($120) bought this season to replace his 3 year old TO sheet that was getting trashed.
    1 turnout blanket (200 fill) ($150) bought this season to replace his 3 year old TO blanket that was getting trashed
    1 old stable blanket that was given to me, light fill, use it as a liner under his TO blanket if he needs extra
    1 old TO sheet that was given to me that I used if I need to take the other one home for washing/repairing.

  33. I think i have a rug problem *blush*
    - 200g Horseware Rhino stable rug (6ft3)
    - 370g Horseware stable rug (6ft3)
    - 2 no name fleece coolers (one each)
    - ?g stable rug 145cms i think (inherited from yard friend & actually Nancy busted one of the front snaps yesterday)
    - 3 fleece Equitheme quarter sheets (although one has shrunk from washing & is now too small)
    - 330g, 300g & 200g Horseware under rugs (6ft3 - which I can't remember buying oops #tackhoproblems i know one of them came with Kika's turnout but am confused by other two *blush*)
    - ?g Horseware Rhino stable rug (6ft6 - i think 200g fill is most likely but unlike others it doesn't say on the label)
    - Rambo Duo Turnout with hood (6ft3 a 6ft9 version is awaiting collection at post office for two of these soon, which also means another under rug that hopefully it won't be cold enough to use!)
    - 2x 0g turnout sheets (6ft3 & 6ft9 one each)

    And lastly an older Shires turnout with neck that I bought secondhand in 2009 (after two winters use with previous owner) which has seen it's last winter for me. It had served me really well!

    Both horses get turned out every afternoon from 12ish to 7-7.30pm during the months of November 1st to the end of April. I layer their turnouts over whatever stable rug they are wearing. I think it like putting on their coats on to go play outside - yep I am a massive sado.
    Both are clipped, neck + shoulders & under-carriage. Legs, back & half their faces keep hair.
    They are in at night and until I get there to turn them out at lunchtime, sometimes earlier at the weekends & days off.

    ALL rugs were bought on sale/discount.


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