Monday, November 24, 2014

See ya, suckers.

Well, I don't know who the sucker here is since I'm leaving the 65* of Pennsylvania to travel west to the forecasted 1-3" of snow and 28* of suburban Chicago for the week. Hmm. Worst laid travel plans ever.

I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to schedule any posts for the coming week since I wasn't going to be around to write about the mind blowing dressage rides my horse gives me (that was a joke, by the way). Part of me wanted to make sure I met my new personal quota of a minimum of four posts a week, but the other part doesn't really like when all my posts are blog hops and non-personal pony recounting.

But the OCD side won out, so expect some non-personal pony recounting to be going on. #Sorrynotsorry.

pack horse extraordinaire. 

Bobby's workload last week consisted of one fifteen minute flat ride, two longes, and lots of blanket changes where he didn't even have to leave his stall. I realized as I was putting his third different blanket on in as many days that I might have a problem. But half of them were free and the other half were on sale, it's totally fine, right?

he did have to come outside one time so i could LOL at his barney blanket.

Obviously he's been feeling so sad about being out of work and only getting snuggles and cookies. I took him out for a trail ride on Sunday to make up for it. The ground was pretty hard from the recent cold weather so we walked the entire time. Bobby was not a fan, and while he went on a loose rein, we got back to the barn with him lathered in sweat because OMG WHY DON'T I EVER LET HIM DO ANYTHING?! To finish showing his displeasure, he spooked and snorted and carried on about a stall door not being latched shut in his sight line while I was running up my stirrups.

I mean, serious horse life problems, dudes.

so dirty with janky ass braids. welcome to my horse in the winter.

And that about sums up this post. See the quality you miss out on when I don't write about my riding?


  1. His facial expressions and ears slay me. I swear, him and Red are twins separated at birth.

  2. These crazy temp swings are for the birds. It should just stay in the 50's forever.

  3. Funny, SO's parents are coming this weekend from Chicago (land of the awful) to Texas (where we'll be sunny and in the upper 70's). You've made the wrong choice. ;)

  4. Vacation weather planning. You win ;)

  5. lol love the barney blanket! enjoy chicago :)

  6. Hahaha he's a barney pony! I love it! I'm feeling you on the difficult things to write about - I mean... how many 20-meter circles can you really describe before people kinda get the gist? Well that's more my problem than yours, you're always doing so many fun things!

  7. My complicated decision making process on the scheduled posts vs live updates things goes like this: Did I have time to schedule anything this week?

    The answer seems to be "sometimes".

  8. His face in every picture is totally priceless

  9. Bobby <3 also janky ass braids is a serious way of life in the wintertime, I feel ya.. right there with ya. Jingle's borderline on dreads before I change them.


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