Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love and Horses Blog Hop

Today's blog hop asks: Other than your horse, what other pets do you have?

Answer: too many!

Or at least that's how it feels some days, even though we've significantly decreased the herd over the years.


the whiny wiener 

I've had Oscar literally since before he was born. My roomie in college brought home a pregnant cat one night, and a couple weeks later she gave birth under S's bed. We found homes for all the kittens, but of course I had to keep one of them! The Puma Cat/Lord Fatimus/King of All Fat Cats/STOP MEOWING is eight years old now. He knows how to sit and stand up and beg on command, and his favorite thing is sleeping on my head....and puking on the floor.

tiny little stripey kitten

We got Stripes two and a half-ish years ago when Hubby and I were driving home from an evening canoeing on the river. Her and her brother were two teeny tiny kittens in the middle of the road, so of course we couldn't leave them there. We dove into the poison ivy, got bitten, and kept them for the night with the plan to take them to the SPCA the next day on our way out of state for vacation. The SPCA were kind of tools about it, and we ended up stuck with them. The male we re-homed in no time, but no one wanted Stripes so we kept her for ourselves. She's pretty much the perfect cat on the planet, and even Hubby is madly in love with her.


wiggle pig

You guys know the puppies. This is Pig, whose actual name is Emily believe it or not. She's a five year old Heeler/Border Collie. She loves people, rolling in dead things, barking, balls, swimming, and going for boat rides. She does not like other dogs.

moo cow

And, of course, Mags, who we just got a month ago, has already gained twenty pounds, and is now taller than Pig. ZOMG, STOP GROWING SO FAST.

the black beast from hell.
if only she really laid the most delicious food on earth.

Black Thunder is our four year old bun bun. We bought her as a baby from Tractor Supply and she was the devil. She would bite, lunge at you, and scratch you to a bloody pulp before pinning you to the ground and drinking your blood. Okay, that last bit might be a slight exaggeration, but she was so mean for the first year of her life. Then I wore her down with my die-hard logic of: Bunnies were put on this earth to snuggle. SO YOU WILL SNUGGLE ME. Now she lets me tote her around and deigns to be pet. She also loves chasing the kitties and biting the puppies when they get too annoying.


  1. Love your pets! Haha, trust the bunny to buck the trend!
    I hope to find a nice pooch and maybe a kitty when I move into my new place. Cos the pooch will need a pal & two pooches in an apartment would be very bad so kitty it will hopefully be!

  2. Wow, Mags has grown so much already!! Stripes is cute, she reminds me a bit of my Munch cat.

  3. I love how you have cats and two big dogs, yet the bunny ends up being the evil one, lol!

  4. Awwww. Cute animals!!

    And I used to foster a rabbit and she was the DEVIL. I used to have to wear shoes when she was free-roaming because she'd run after you and bite your feet.

  5. i always thought bunnies were essentially like warm animated stuffed animals. i was very wrong. lol. cute menagerie!!

  6. WHAT her name isn't actually pig! I am the disappoint.

  7. Awwwww bunnies are fun. :-( I miss ours.

  8. If Pig and Thule both didn't like other dogs, I'm sure they could be best friends.

  9. Haha, I also snorgle critters who do not want to be snorgled. Because that's why we have them, right?

  10. I had a bunny once. She acted like the devil her whole life- not just the first year. Maybe I didn't demand snuggling enough?
    ALL the pets.

  11. I just picture you walking around, squeezing this bunny, and reciting the famous line: I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him..

    If the rabbit equals one of my cats, then I still have one more animal than you. Quick catch up and get a reptile!

  12. I used the "snuggling is your purpose on earth therefore you must do it" training approach on my sister's cat. It worked. But only for me.


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