Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The boring stuff is hard

I'm proud to say that when I got up this morning my legs were not sore at all. Bareback jumping, short stirrups for a full jump school, and then eleven minutes of two point were nothing for these thighs of steel.

But then I did a dressage school today and now my legs are burning.

Dear dressage, you win at being the hardest.

no new dressage pictures. have some saturday warm up pics instead.

I switched Bobby back over to his Happy Mouth to see if he's decided he can stop chomping on it. He didn't seem to care one way or another so it can stay in for awhile longer.

He was difficult to warm up because of a combination of factors. I was carrying my dressage whip to school the puppy on not frolicking between the horse's feet while he's working (that only took one smack on the booty to reinforce, the smart little shit) which made Bobby go charging off in anticipation of getting asked to move faster. But instead of moving forward he simply got quick and dumped his wide bearing load onto his forehand. He's also never very good at dressage work in the outdoor because of all the distractions, and today J was outside the arena working on one of the water heaters.

I tried doing transitions between walk and trot, and lots of halting and backing, but what finally worked was just letting him trot and trot and trot until he got over all the things. I did a lot of smaller circles and figure eights between the jumps with him to get him bending, and by the time I asked for the canter he was actually pretty soft and supple.

I had to continuously use my outside leg to push him away from jumps as we cantered on a circle, but instead of taking offense to it like he's done in the past, he just stepped under himself more. How lovely, Robert. Welcome to being a member of polite horse society.

I let him have a nice loose rein walk break before picking the trot back up and checking in on our lateral work. Shoulder in was pretty disgraceful, but haunches in wasn't bad. Leg yields were good both ways.

We finished up with trot and canter lengthenings which Bobby luffs. One of my goals for next year is to learn to sit his bigger gaits. I can barely post them when he gets rolling.

The naked horse gets tomorrow off to bask in the warm weather while I conserve on gas for this paycheck.


  1. I love that 5-point breastplate on him. Very handsome boy!

  2. Dressage lessons are always the ones that kill me!

  3. Love the colours of the trees behind you in those photos. Great to hear that leg yields are still doable for Roberto & Yay for solid citizen behaviour even if it took a little while to appear; better late than never.

  4. Dressage IS the hardest. WTF.

  5. Bobby is a member of polite horse society?!? way to go buddy lol

  6. Go Bobby! I wouldn't be able to walk if I did eleven minutes of two point, so you to have some serious thighs of steel!

  7. Oh Good! That makes me feel better about my lack of no-stirrup work. I ride dressage- so it counts, right?

  8. Love me some dressage, I'd take a dressage school over 11 minutes of two point any day!


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