Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WW: My horse is a loser

three bay boys in the run in, one bay boy off by himself

finding his own shade

with his bff skye, a 30-something retired lesson pony who treats bobby as his bitch,
just before memphis got turned back out

then memphis teamed up with his bff bennie to herd bobby away from skye

once bobby was suitably distanced,
bennie and memphis headed back to graze with skye

and bobby had to graze by himself


  1. Aw, poor Bobby! More grasses for him

  2. lol poor bobby... they're just jealous of his skillz

  3. It's wednesday and he wasn't wearing pink so he had to sit at the other table.

  4. are not kidding! He's like the kid that has to eat by himself in the cafeteria!


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