Friday, August 15, 2014

Just a quickie, cuz whuuut.

just chillin', resting his left leg all casual like. 

This will be the most unstructured post ever because I don't actually have anything to write except that my horse feels like the shit.

And that makes me so happy I have to share it with the blogosphere.

We went up to the freshly dragged outdoor today, and right off the bat his stride was big and easy. He felt better today than he's felt in ages. He right away wants to stretch down at the trot--especially to the left--so I let him do that as long as he wants. I warmed him up at the canter in half seat, did a little more long and low trotting, and then actually put him to work. A couple of leg yields and shoulder fore both directions, and even some 20 and 15 meter circles at the canter.

We've still got a little bit to go before I'm totally happy with the quality of the movements, but as far as feeling sound? Total bliss. I'm really glad I took the route I did with this issue because it was obviously the right way to go. Stupid stifle.

creeping on campers in the indoor. 

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  1. Yay Bobby!
    Realised I am super behind on your blog, have back - tracked to April to start the catch up...eeeek! Where did the time go?!

  2. First I read "my horse feels like shit" and I was like, "Then why is she so...oh." I accidentally a word. Congrats on le soundness!


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