Sunday, August 31, 2014

Next up: Chuck wagon racing!

Alright, that might be a slight exaggeration. Or possibly even an extreme exaggeration.

giddy up, heriberto! 

With a dressage show on the horizon, I figured there was nothing better to do than deviate from dressage work and slap the ole harness on Bobby Friday with plans to drive him the next day. He started off a little sassy and tried to turn back into the barn, but he was good for the majority of the ground driving. We had to have a reminder towards the end about how "'Stand' means stand the fuck still", but once that was re-installed he was golden.

Saturday afternoon Hubby and I headed out to the barn when I was sure no one was going to be there. No offense to other riders; their horses just don't seem to take kindly to seeing the cart chase Bobby around the ring. I got Bobby harnessed, walked him up to the outdoor, and hooked him without preamble. He glanced back once to see what I was doing, but didn't seem bothered. 

I had Hubby attached to his halter as I walked behind him and the cart once around each way. Bobby could have cared less so I got in the cart and gave us a shove off. Hubby stayed attached on a long line for one lap, but after that we were on our own.

Bobby could have cared less. He continued to plod along without fuss, occasionally trying to glance past his blinders to see what the fuck his pasture mates were doing in their field above the arena. (Answer: They were freaking the fuck out about the cart.) We changed directions, and after awhile when I figured Bobby was being good enough I'd see if I could get him to have a little trot.

I stopped him before he got to the deep end of the ring, but I was still giddy with excitement. He was barely trotting he was going so slow, but still. First time trotting in the cart without anyone attached. Yay!

And that's probably the last time I'll drive him for another couple of months. Obviously the time off from it doesn't faze him. I last hitched him in April, and he hadn't been hitched before that since last August. One of these days weeks years I'll have some extra cash and get him his own cart. The pony cart is not really built for a giant Thoroughbred.

although he looks like a pony in this picture. you can still see how small the cart is.

Now I have a week to do work that prepares us for Sunday's dressage show. Boring! But the weekend after that, I have something super fun planned that I really, really hope works out. If it does it will take the place of a hunter or jumper show. But it will ten million times more fun.


  1. That sounds like fun! I'd like to learn one day myself

  2. Bobby rocks! So do you for doing so much cool stuff with him :)

  3. I love that you're teaching Bobby to drive!

  4. Seriously well rounded - hat's off to you and Bobby Magee! (busted a gut on the pasture mates comment)

  5. Ahhh he is such a pro!! Rico was a driving horse before I got him, I'd love to get him in front of a cart one day...

  6. awww no H/J show, sad, but I am excited to find out what this mystery thing is (hoping its a driving competition!)

  7. ooh mystery fun events - i'm super curious!! is there anything bobby doesn't do?

  8. Bobby is so impressive vis de kart!


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