Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VCBH: Equestrian Fashion

From L. I want a pictorial tour of your closet. Not your riding clothes, but your equivalent of the crazy cat lady ugly cat sweater.

I thought I was going to embarrass myself with how many horse related shirts I have, but I remembered I purged my dresser and closet over the winter of the shirts that were literally falling apart at the seams, so that cleared out a lot of space. Now I only have about a half a dozen left which is a totally sane amount for any horse person.

Probably even on the low side.

Probably should go buy some more!

the obligatory college hoodie, permanently stained with wormer. 

the one college shirt that survived the dresser purge.

my two OTTB Tees.

my two dapplebay shirts

my one horse designs shirt i won from amanda

my riding warehouse shirt i won on a FB contest
my awesome litographs The Last Unicorn shirt

close up. the entire book is printed on the shirt.


  1. Wow, that litographs shirt is pretty freaking cool!

  2. Whoa! Loving that Last Unicorn shirt!!

  3. The Last Unicorn shirt is amazing.

  4. The unicorn shirt is really cool!

  5. OMG! The Last Unicorn shirt... **swoon**

  6. That last unicorn shirt is amazeballs.

  7. WTF that last unicorn shirt is amazing, Beka is gonna steal it from you.

    1. She fucking called it!

      I hate you and love you for having that shirt. I saw it advertised on facebook and wanted so hard. Ugh. I wants.

  8. WOW love the last shirt! You've got a nice collection there =)

  9. We both need more! I saw that Last Unicorn one last week and was THISCLOSE to buying it. If they had a Narnia one I totally would have gotten both and called it a day, but alas... no Narnia... :(

  10. I need that last unicorn shirt.



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