Friday, August 1, 2014

July Review, August Goals

1. Straightness. Much improved. Before, I would put my outside leg on and he'd go shooting off sideways like a drunken noodle. Now he actually travels in a straight line. Magic.

2. Trailer out for a trail ride. I went out twice this month before getting waylaid by "family obligations". I plan on continuing this fun now that I've found such awesome trails.

3. Sharpness off the barrels. He was a bit of a distracted fool at the rodeo, made worse by my lack of spurs, but at home he was really starting to get it.

4. Don't kill the in-laws. Barely accomplished. Barely.

he is so very long. (and also dirty, hence the lack of shininess.) 

1. Hill work. No more being lazy. Just because the best trails at our barn are closed off doesn't mean we don't have hills galore. With his stifle issue popping back up, he's got to get up one after every ride.

2. Stretchy trot. We suck at this, and unfortunately it's in all of the First tests.

3. Trot-Halt-Trot. When we actually practice these, they're very good. When we don't--which we haven't been--we also suck at this. So we need to practice these.

That's all I've got this month. With his stifle acting up, I don't want to set any goals for jumping because we won't be doing much. Such a great way to get ready for a horse trial. I'm always so well prepared.


  1. Robert's topline looks AMAZING. Holy cannoli. For working out the stifles (D's got a wonky stifle too) I also like Trot-Reinback-Trot. That's a fun one. And just reinback all over the place.

  2. Glad you survived the inlaws!

  3. Trot halt trot. Ugh, so annoying to practice.. all that lateral stuff is way more fun!

  4. Wow, what an improvement in the topline!!

  5. But but but but drunk noodles are delicious, and I'm glad you didn't end up in jail.

  6. I think its really neat that you do speed shows with him!

  7. Heh. Bonus points for the inlaws goal.

  8. LOVE the time lapse pic. Thats actually really neat to see each month and how he changes color and body wise. Now want to do that

  9. He looks amazing!! So neat how his color has changed so much.


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