Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Informal Blog Hop: Before and After

Niamh at Life of Riley had a great idea for a blog hop, and though she appears to be technologically foiled by official blog hop linkage, we're going to act like it's for real anyway!

I could go way, way back and show before pictures of Robert as a gangling yearling just getting broken out, or from when I officially bought him in December 2010, but to keep it mostly blog current I'll start from when I got him back in December 2011.


Bobby has gone from mediocre to fabulous on the flat over the years. He started off just chugging along quietly, but unimpressive in both frame and mannerism.

May 2012

But then he learned to express himself.

June 2013.
And carry himself more uphill.

June 2013.

And present day I have a tried and true dressage show horse!

June 2014.

Stadium Jumping:

Bobby was very green learning to jump. Things like lines of poles confused him, and Bobby loves to let you know when he's displeased.

December 2011. 

Bobby's favorite word was "NO."

February 2012. 

But less than a year later he'd learned to go over the jumps. And also through them. 

September 2012. 
His powers of self preservation grew and grew as he gained more experience.

December 2012.

Until he finally learned to jump so high that I thought I was going to die.

June 2013. 4'

Cross Country:

Bobby is one consistent cross country horse. He's consistently good with his footwork:

April 2012

May 2013

He's consistently good with clearing things with room to spare:

February 2012

April 2013

And, let's be honest, no one has a gallop like Bobby Magee. He's consistently good at cantering like his brain fell out.

April 2013

July 2013

This horse. He has taken the eventing world by storm!

No, but really. This horse. He can be the biggest tool, and throw the biggest tantrums, and absolutely lose his shit over nothing, but he has come a long way from ugly ass fresh off the track Thoroughbred being poorly ridden in the year before I bought him:

February 2010. getting hacked by someone else at school

To a legitimate dressage horse:

Decemeber 2012

Who knows all about contact and carrying himself:

April 2014

And a cute:

January 2011. literally his first ever jump

But uneducated jumper:

April 2011

To a horse that knows his job:

April 2013

And is really pretty good at it:

June 2014


  1. I laughed so hard at the 'uneducated jumper one. Hahaha.

  2. Haha! This is hilarious, but also really sweet. Big Derpy Bobby has come so far! :)

  3. I LOVE these pictures! Bobby is the best at all the things ;)

  4. There are some truly great pictures here. But Oy looks fantastic now!

  5. I just love your posts so much! Yes, you are right I am technologically challenged/lazy... unofficial blog hop it is!

  6. Bob is fabulous, even in his awkward moments!

  7. Hahahah that was a heart-warming/hilarious transformation! :)

  8. I was gonna say you have a lot of really nice Bobby pictures and you pull out the derpy ones! :P

  9. aww looks so good in those last few!!

  10. I think if there was a contest for this hop... You'd win. Love it!

  11. luv this!! you two have put in some serious work, and it shows - but i love the humor and honesty here.

  12. Hahaha! This is hilarious and heart warming at the same time.

  13. You put the best spins on blog hops. I get legitimately excited every time you participate. LOL

  14. My favorite in the blog hop by far! Yes, you win! Hahaha

  15. def my fav and I even participated haha! Love the fails and then the wins! Excellent

  16. He does have really impressive footwork and I would be hard pressed to argue with his interpretation of "uphill". One smart horse, that Bobby!

  17. You seriously make the best blog posts. Honestly. Hilarious and endearing.


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